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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Part 3: The Chicken that digs for Food will not sleep Hungry (don't ask me why the title is such..LOL)

Assalamulaikum and hi,

Thanks for all your lovely feedbacks. So I can continue with my ramblings? blog maaa..I'll do as I like...hahaha..

Before that, yesterday 2nd Dec 2012 we had a 'gamat' and 'riuh' Bread class with Mamazieza Hassan from Penang. The class that many months ago started with only 3 students, and yesterday we had 13 awesome students who were eager to learn and left so pleased with the results... Many more who inquired last minute had to be rejected for now. But you gals are most welcomed to join our next Bread Class ya..

They looked like roti naik don't they? Can help shooting these babies..`
Roti Manis ala Roti Naik
Mexican Bread

Agaknya la kan.. diorang bincang pasal roti ke  apa ek?
Note: Ni bukan kenduri tau, ni masa kelas roti .... :)
Group ni buat kerja...
Duta produk kita kali ni... Kak PAh dari Kelang

Happy faces at the end of the class. One person missing la... Bread Class with Mamazieza will be on the 12th Jan 2013, right before a Sugar Cookies Class with me on the 13th Jan 2013.

So let, me continue with my ramblings.

So, I signed up for the 'Intensif Jutawan Industri' worth RM4,999.00, which ran from 23rd-26th Nov 2012. Sigh...that's a lot of money..taken from my first salary, after a year of getting enough to get by.. But, I pujuk myself, it's for a good cause. It was a choice between IJI or a Canon 7D..hmmmm...

After I'd tried some of the tips from the small red booklet and saw results, I called Richworks and paid the balance. Menggigil woooo transferring that much money to someone else. The money I got to see online and never get to hold. The money I got from the tips in a small booklet. Imagine how much I can make if it was a huge thick folder? LOL!

Out of the 50 tips in the book, I choose 4.
No 13 : Berikan Kad Diskaun atau Voucher Percuma - I managed to get my royal icing and shabby chic classes full through this method.
No 15 : Kongsikan apa yang anda tahu kepada orang lain - Increased traffic to my personal and FB page
No 20 : Tingkatkan Imej Anda, Perniagaan atau Kedai anda - I change the front of shop display and immediately felt better and rejuvenated. And my customers were quite happy to see the change.
No 22 : Tips percuma di Facebook atau Mana2 Sosial Media di Internet - I found that more and more people liking my status especially if its free tips on baking and decorating.
And BAMMM! And it gave me some confidence about signing up for IJI. Kudos to Dr. Azizan Osman of Richworks.

So, it was right after our 2nd Royal Icing Class, 2nd week in a row that I went to the IJI seminar on Friday. My body was a bit tired but my mind was alert. Ready to take in anything that Dr. Azizan would throw to us mere mortals...hahahaha..

Waaahhhh...we Supreme Diamond got special treatment. Special carpeted lane, priority entrance, gold covered seats...waaahhhh..I loike!

The energy in the room was awesome!! Wowww! I was literally feeding off the energy and aura of those people, all holding on to some kind of expectations and dreams to be fulfilled, while busily looking for seats and familiar faces. I saw the Munawarah Clans sitting behind me and said hi to Ina... her mom was also there... As we settled down, the lady beside me quickly launched into a million  reasons why she's there... I let her talked while I soaked in the energy and let myself get lost in my own personal reasons for being here. I barely heard or understood her. But I don't think she noticed anyways... :-)

Then the Emcee came out and got everyone to stand. I too got up clumsily, half expecting Dr. Azizan to come out anytime soon.. Can't wait!

But then, a kind of familiar song blast through the room and I shivered. Oh no!! Not the CHICKEN DANCE! I'm wearing my jubah today! And there were Pak Hajis and Mak Ajis around me...aiyyaaaa so malu one! Don't tell me this is like one of those MLM thingy where everyone got so hyped up and go googaga over the silliest thing..wohohohoh... What did I get myself into? RM4,999.00 worth of chicken nuggets woooo...

I danced. I did. Though ever so stiffly and hesitantly. Not at all like those in the crowd. I mean, come on! Too early for disco dancing no? I mean I was so conscious of my outer appearance that I freaked when my inner self conflicted with me. I actually wanted to enjoy the dance. But I'm too self conscious. I had let fun left me a looong time ago. I was the serious, no nonsense business woman, mom and wife to my husband. Suddenly I realized something... I'm no longer the fun person that I was. I mean throughout the whole chicken dance routine and the out of this world loud music, I was having a serious dialogue with myself. Whatever happened to me? Who took over this body of mine? I got to figure that one out...

The ever so energetic Emcee guy was coaxing everyone into dancing their heart out and clapping loudly as the music got louder. Dr. Azizan was to be welcomed by this loud thundering music and hand clapping mad people..OMG!!!

And out he came. The man himself...Huge grin on his face.. AND HE STARTED TO JUMP on the stage...double OMG!! what is this? am I in the right seminar? Isn't this suppose to be a serious meet with serious business minded people. I could feel my heart jumping up and down..beating as loud as the jumping mad people. And there were fire from both side of the stage. I felt that I might just collapsed. Was I wrong to come here? I felt the onset of a migraine coming.... oh dear...

To be continued....

BTW, some items have been updated for next year 2013. Please visit our Calendar page for more details. More classes to be updated from time to time so keep checking them. If you want notifications on Class Calendars and offers, please email us at and we'll do our best to notify you, insyaallah.

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Till then,

Farida Ismail
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dlittlekitchen said...

Terbaeekkk... Berkat kena marah masa class, balik rumah try roti2 tu semua menjadi.. Alhamdulillah... btw nk amek group photo to update in my blog bole? ~roza~

dlittlekitchen said...

Class memang terbaeekkkk... berkat cikgu marah2 sayang dlm class, balik rumah buat sendiri menjadi dgn jayanya... Alhamdulillah

p/s nk minta permission ambil gambar group photo bole?

~ roza ~

Farida_Ismail said...

Bestkan Cikgu garang..heheh..boleh2 ambik la..