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Saturday, December 1, 2012



Salam and hi,

So sorry I didn't update this blog last night. Was caught up in a few conversations with clients. So here I am early in the morning, writing down my thoughts.

I had a few friends congratulating me over last few days. Why? Well.. they seemed to think that TDT is on the verge of success... hmmm..I never thought of that. I always thought that TDT is not there yet. Maybe I should change my views... maybe I should start measuring incremental success. But in any case, all praise should go to Almighty Allah, Alhamdulillah...

Azman hard at work. I believe he's got what it takes to make it in this industry.

Maybe this thing has everything to do with that quote 'where you are today depended on what you did 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years ago or maybe even less than that'. You believe that? I do. So maybe where TDT is today was based on what I did a few months back.. or years ago.. hmmm   I should reflect on that...

And so, I did the unthinkable. Dr. Azizan Osman was promoting Richworks' next seminar titled 'Intensif Jutawan Industri' which to me sounds like another scam, don't you think so? I mean here I am, already at the FREE seminar, and throughout the seminar he gave us free tips on this and that and a few free books. Did those gifts convince me? Nope. I was sure this is just like any other MLM scam. LOL!

So when he gave info on the next seminar, like you, I was dead sceptical. I was like here's the catch laaa kannn. I quietly told myself "don't let yourself be fooled. He's just selling ideas which you might get from reading books"... yeahhhhh.... let them all be fooled but not me. I'm the clever one right? Ahaksss!

But then, OMG! MasyaAllah he gave discounts! Huge discounts! And you can just pay a minimum deposit..alalalalala... why laa.....

Not thinking anymore. I was motivated solely by discounts.So, hesitantly I signed up. Sigh... You know how much it would cost me? RM4999.00 This great UNKNOWN would cost me RM4,999.00 I don't have that kind of money. I'm dead broke! I mean I don't have that much to could well be another boring seminar, right?

And...... OMG! Hubby would flip! But...I didn't have to confirmed yet... I could just let it slip.... hahahaha... see.. I'm clever :) but I was curious.... I need to know for sure if it's going to worth at least RM100. Kannnnn.... I mean RM4,999.00 is a lot of money's a 2 way ticket to London for 1 person kannnnn.... isyyy! I would love to have that ticket in my hands now....

Come Monday, I decided to test some, well..3 or 4 of Dr Azizans free tips which I had read in that small red book.

And..... I couldn't believe it! OMG! It worked! Alhamdulillah! It really worked! I put up some classes schedule and made announcement through FB wall and Page that Monday night, classes for the next 3 months - October through December 2012... And.... okay seriously.. this never happened to me okay.. it was booked solid! Melimpah even that I have to reject so many hopeful future students of mine...

 OMG!!! For the next 2 days, I didn't even have time to shower or go to TDT coz my phone was ringing off the hook through calls, smses, whatsapp, emails and FB msg... OMG!!!! Suddenly my bank account was flowing in with cash... and I'm happy :-) because now I can tell Hubby about this RM4,999.00 course and.... I can pay for it.. :-) LOL!!! Alhamdulillah again and again...

But of course, there were arrangements I made with him so that when I come back and talk to him about everything that I learned..I was already paid..hahahahaha... kaannnn...

But I'm sure by now you're half asleep reading this right... so I'm gonna stop here. I mean I could be the only one reading this... right?

If you did read this .. please help let me know by dropping me emails at and tell me what you think.. okay.. And If I don't get any by the end of today then I know I was just rambling to myself, which would mean I syok sendiri LOL!...

P/s: I'm going to share some of this tips in one of my class dated 26th Jan 2013.... Only if you want them.

TDT class calendar has already been updated, please go to the Calendar page to check the schedule.

Farida Ismail
013- 355 4399

December Class Updates :

2nd Dec - Bread making with Mamazieza Azizah Hassan - FULL

6th Dec - All things Chocolate  (RM290) where you'll be making a Bar of Crunchy Chocolate, A moist Chocolate Cake (Delicious!)  and also Marbled Creamcheese Brownie (easy peasy)

12-13th Dec - Royal Icing Class RM650 where you'll learn to make Royal Icing decorations easily with our tips and techniques. Fee RM650 will be for the last time. People have been telling me it's too cheap. So 4 more places available. Book now. You won't get this price next year. Don't say I didn't warn you.

17-18th Dec - Shabby Chic Inspired Cake Design Class - FULL

29th Dec - Kelas Kek Komersial with Chef Amer - FULL

30th Dec - Kelas Desserts & French Pastry - 2 more seats, which I expect would be taken up by next few days.

2-4th Jan - Booked for private class in Sugar Flowers

5th Jan - Basic Baking Series - How to make delicious CUPCAKES (RM290) the easy way - OPENED for registration

8th Jan - Basic Baking Series (Basic Cakes - RM350) - OPENED for registrations.
Failproof ways to make delicious and moist Lemon Butter cake, Sponge Cake and Chocolate Cake using recipes from Chef Fatima Ghani, an international standard Chef currently residing in Melbourne.

More to come..don't worry.. I'll update you in a few days.. I have an interesting Class for those who are looking into sharing your Skills with others... best!

SMS me your inquiries to 013-355 4399. I'll be waiting...

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