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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Journey Into the Unknown : no more.

Assalamualaikum and hi,
 Do you fancy Chocolate Cakes? What about Chocolate Bars loaded with nuts and everything crunchy? Cheese? Do you love cheesecake & Chocolate cake put together? Well...then you shouldn't have missed this awesome All Things Chocolate Class...

Take a look at hat we did last week 6/12/2012. Attended by Jiha and Natasha, 2 BFF, we had loads of chocolatey fun. Their kids would have an even awesome time finishing all these goodies up! 

Natasha & Jiha.. I hope they learnt a lot... The class was loaded with tips and tricks, and do's and don'ts

And so let's continue from last week's ramblings.

The migraine did come, for the next 3 days. So did the angin in my stomach - either from eating too late or from not peeing for almost 4 hours, both thru morning and afternoon sessions. But by now I put those issues in the challenge category. Nothing comes easy in life and to get anything that is valuable as gold, there had to be sacrifices.

Of course, there other challenges. Apart from eating Nasi bungkus with no kuah and lauk the size of my thumb (am not complaining, only describing..LOL).., we had to send Zaim back to Seremban (which he enjoyed tremendously!), and I had to leave Hubby behind to do his own things for 3 days. Going back at around 11pm daily and waking up again at around 4.30 am the next day and going through the whole process over again, at this age and in this body, it's quite a challenge. But I decided to persevere and not complain even one bit.

I had caught on the positive vibes from the other participants. When I got close to a complainer, I ran, as far as I could. I decided to change seat every time we came back to the hall. Some became close and stuck to one another throughout the seminar, but I didn't. I don't know, it's hard for me to get close to the very first person I got in contact with. I'm just being cautious..once bitten, twice shy.

Anyways..the seminar was a thousand times awesome!!! It was unlike anything I imagine when I signed up for it. It's everything I wanted in a seminar, and more!

I was like a sponge, absorbing everything Dr. Azizan said, hanging on to his every word. Even through the banging migraine (possibly from the very loud sound from the speakers.. I'm so used to silence, even in TDT or at home), I tried to understand and apply the logics to my own business. At first I was a bit lost but by the 4th day, I totally got it! I got everything, not just what he said, but all the things he applied throughout the seminar as well. Whatever he said, he applied. And I saw that very clearly. I GET the FORMAT.

AWESOME!!! I had came in a skeptical but because I decided to give it a chance, I came out a better person. Understood the process needed to better my business and myself. And most importantly : I think I found myself the perfect Mentor. It's something I needed. And I knew that, and since the current Coaching program is coming to an end soon, is apt I got my business a new one.

It will no longer be A Journey into The Unknown. Jerry's word, at the end of the seminar, stuck with me. He said out loud, answering my question, which I shall not divulge: 'macamana nak maju? You don't even know where you're going." He's right. How will I get to where I want to go if I don't even know where I want to go. How do I create a map to unknown destination? I felt like an idiot. But enlightened idiot!

Anyhow, just to share with you 5 of the things I found interesting that changed my paradigm:

1. Failure . I've always viewed FAILURE as a taboo that should not be discuss. Let alone highlighted. But during the 2nd day, Dr. Azizan said it was the very thing that should be told to others. Well, it's not something unfamiliar, I've heard quotes on failures just about a million times but I usually dismiss them in seconds. I didn't want to have anything to do with FAILURE. I don't ever want to discuss my many failures with ANYONE let alone the public. But to hear Dr. Azizan explained how these personal and difficult experiences should be shared and how it can help in positioning your brand, I was astounded. Wow!! I immediately see light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks DAO! I'm enlightened.

2. Never sell or up sell. Always share.

3. What you give, you get back, MORE! I know that but not in detailed. I mean I know of hadeeths that explain this concept but Dr. Azizan put it in a very clear manner that it is something that WE SHOULD EXERCISE GIVING AWAY EVERYDAY, IN EVERY SITUATION. I'm taking this seriously now.

4. THANKFULNESS. It's something we know. It's taught in our religion. But how many of us really are grateful? For everything we have and have nots. We were made to stand for a long time, that every time we were allowed to sit, we were told to be grateful for it. Even standing up is something to be grateful about, after sitting for too long sampai kebas bontot! I've never given peeing too much thought till that seminar. How precious toilet break time is.

Subhanallah! Thank you Dr. Azizan for making me realise how we should be grateful for the smallest things in our lives, that we usually just dismiss without much thought, so we can be more and more grateful for all the things bestowed upon us by the AlMighty Allah, or for those not granted to us. Allah knows whats best for us.

5. PASSION. I didn't realize until it was explained by DAO, that I am so Fortunate. I found my passion  early on and had turned them into business.

How many of you out there, are working on something everyday, but that something is not your PASSION. It's just WORK. How many of you drag yourself out of bed everyday, dreading the time at the office? You want to come in late and finish off early? Throughout the day, sitting in front of the PC, you dream of actually doing something you love? How many of you dare to actually START DOING what you LOVE? Well, some lucky people in the seminar found their real passion, what is it that they love doing, some sounded funny and menial, but DAO put them in perspective, and turns out, their Passion CAN be turned into Business... What's yours? Do you dare? Well, I dare you! Share with me if you dare....

Till then,

Farida Ismail

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