Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. "Oh you who believe, eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah, if it is indeed He who you worship" (Al-Baqarah : 172)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Salam Eidul Fitri to all...

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim friends!
Hope it's not too late, again! LOL!

We have been swimming in butters and flour and sugary sweet things throughout the mubarakatul month of Ramadhan and now the blessed month of Syawal, alhamdulillah... It was really hard to find time to sit down quietly and blog. Both of us are burnt out, for now... so we declared today an off day for us both so we can catch up on things we have long abandon, like updating this blog, which I should by now have another one under the Dessert Table name, but, that's another story...hahaha.

So now, while munching on some leftover pineapple jam tart (compulsary for raya, don't ask why), which this year we made some for orders & ourselves... we'll do some updates...

Last week, we took an order for 2600 of these lovely heart shape sugar cookies for a grand wedding do. Did I mention we swam in butter and fondant? We did them in 4 days, with a little help from Tina, Mom (before they both left for Sarawak) and Cik Mas, & there..heheh..thanks a million lovelies!! A miscalculation by a few hundreds (we thought everything was covered) had Lyza almost shedding a drop of precious tear..hahahaha... but hey, we are tough Cookies (pun intended y'all) LOL!

We do orders for Wedding/Birthdays Sugar Cookies. Name your numbers and we'll do them pretty for you.
TQ for these order.
Sweet 16 Cake for a sweet girl Yasmin.
This design was given to us by our customer, if you know of the owner of this cake design, please let us know so credit can be given where its due.
The Bride-to-be requested a simple cake for her Engagement do. So we figure a single Peony on an Ivory Cake will make her happy..and she was :).  Looking forward to do her Wedding Cake, insyaallah.

Muneer and Mom was thrilled. Happy Birthday Muneer  :)
What can we say? YNWA, right? 
All the above were last weeks orders...phewww.. we survived! But we do need a hopefully by October we can get one already..

Even in Ramadhan, we were taking loads of Birthday Cakes and Iftar Cakes orders. Favorites were our bestsellers like Chocolate Moist and Red Velvet Cakes... flew out of TDT like mad... thanks dear friends and customers. We appreciate your orders... :-)

Here are some of them..

We delivered this huge cake to Seremban, which later made it's way to Malacca to a Tahfiz School. I heard the boys were thrilled!

Even Granpas were not left out! LOL!
I was never much of a figurine person till now. Thanks Lyzs for the gentle (uhuk!) push... I never knew who Pororo and friends were till I made these cuties.. and of course Mr Mickey :)
Lyza made this hilarious cake which had numerous thumbs-up! The design started with the couple on a superbike, but hahahah..somehow it ended up with the kids rolling just tyres...on the way back from taraweekh..LOL!

We did these delicious Florentines for Raya

And these cutie Pineapple Tarts..but we didn't take too many orders though, for fear of friends not beraya if these were not delivered on time.. LOL!

Our Butter Cakes for Eid

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies..almost the Famous Amos..LOL! Absolutely delicious!

Another best sellers..Chocolate Moist Cakes, flew out of TDT likes no others...

There were other cakes we did, but in the midst of chaos we either forgot to snap them up or we snapped hideous photos using our we'll leave them out, at least till we do them again..LOL!

We have classes coming up! Do check-out the September schedule on our FB. or SMS us at 013-3554399 for Class or Orders inquiries.

Till then lovelies, take care and have a lovely and productive week ahead!


Farida & Lyza

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