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Monday, September 3, 2012

September Class Schedule

Salam & Hi Dessert Friends, 

Here's a summary of our September class schedule: 
4/9 - Basic Baking Class
5/9 - Basic Icing 
8/9 - Basic Fondant class
10&11/9 - Sugar flower class ~ Roses & foliage
12/9 - Basic Cupcakes ~ Bake & Decorate
15/9 - Sugar Cookies class
24/9 - Figurine class ~ Bride & Groom
25/9 - Figurine class ~ Animal figurine

More details can be found on our FB wall. Go to or you can email us your inquiry and we'll send you a copy of the schedule. 

October Highlights:

For those who wants a class with Chef Amer, look out for the announcement on this page. French Desserts are coming your way.

My favorite class, Food Styling & Photography will be back. This time with another Chef who's works are awesome! Once all details are confirmed, we'll let you know...

Peony Flower Class will be back also in let me know your interest early. We like to keep the class small...

That's it for now, till then take care :)



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