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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back from a long hiatus! Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all! Hope it's not too late...

MasyaAllah..what a long hiatus it's been. When was the last time? May wasn't it? Before I went to UK... LOL! 
The last 2 classes TDT had before  I went to UK was a class with Chef Amer & Chef Fatima. Awesome!!
And of course I had an awesome 2 weeks in the UK. Visited my brother Angah n family in Manchester, went to Telford for Cake show with Chef Fatima and met up with Alan Dunn (apart from doing a short demo, he's got a stall set up with John), Kelvin Chua (in the train from Wolverhampton), Sathya, John Quoy Hoi (belanja us tea), Marion Frost, Debbie Brown, etc... Met up with most wonderful people in London - Shida, Kak Umi, Safiza, Ferzana, and a few others whom I had forgotten their names (my bad off course, old age). Managed to get some awesome Macarons from Laduree and how apt that the shop assistant was a Muslim French girl named Aisha...Alhamdulilah...My favorite was their Chocolate Macarons..totally delicious...wish I had more of that!
Managed to attend a few classes and the best would be the Photography class with Sam & Gavin. Aiseh! sangat awesome those two... We had a private session in their comfortable studio in the back yard.

Anyways, came back and a lot happened that I really couldnt find the time to sit quietly and blog. So, am gonna do a summary and get as much in as I can. Off course more are left out hahahaha....

Sharifah quit. All the best to her in her future endeavor.

I welcome Lyza Ghazali on board of The Dessert Table as my partner. Having a Business Coaching Session with Action Coach made easier for us to formulate the right kind of partnership to have.

So now, it's Lyza and me churning out classes and cakes.

So now it's the blessed month of Ramadhan. We're not selling any cookies this year. We do make some but only for family members. But we are taking Orders for Raya Cakes and Desserts. We are also looking into doing Raya & Wedding Dessert Tables for our customers.

We have more cake photos in our Albums on the Facebook. Do visit thedesserttable for more photos of our cakes and desserts. 

In the mean time, we had some awesome classes - Bread Class with Mamazieza HassanSugarflower classes, Crash course in Photography Classes and Sugar Cookies Classes.

Kelas Roti with Mamazieza Hassan. Kita buat hampir 8 jenis roti yg sedap2...

Azlin Wahid took a Private Sugar FLower Class

Now, we thought that Ramadhan would be a quiet month but oh my, lots of birthday orders...alhamdulillah. If you'd like to ORDER cakes for Raya, Birthdays or Open Houses, please email us at 

Please let us know these details :

1. Your full name
2. Your order details.
3. Phone numbers
4. Pick-up date
5. Attach photos if you have any but be warned we would not be able to follow exactly someone else's cake because we feel it's not appropriate to copy someone else's cake & we would love to showcase our own ability to design & create a beautiful cake for you.

I'll leave you with some of the cakes we did for the past 3 weeks. There's more but they're dessert cakes like Rainbow Cakes, Chocolate Moist Cakes, Red Velvet, cupcakes etc. Let's enjoy these....
Sugar Cookies - Class & orders.
Painted cookies, suitable for wedding favors.

Scooby Doo Cake ordered by customer.
A mock Cake ordered by customer for their magazine photo shoot.

A birthday cake for last weekend
15th year Wedding Anniversary Cake
Birthday cake with terawih theme for Joji's Hubby.

A birthday cake for a Father
A Birthday Cake for an Doctor.
We hope to hear from you. We'll have more Basic Baking Classes during the month of Syawal. So watch out for this page.


Farida & Lyza

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