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Friday, April 6, 2012

Introducing New Desserts from The Dessert Table

Salam and hi,

We had some time off from classes before they all start again next week, so we, Miedah and I, thought we'd better churn out some new recipes to offer our affluent clients :-)

And we're so glad we did...the results are awesome! And taste is even more awesome! And we had a field day dabbling in Food Styling and Food Photography.

So, introducing our new desserts ORANGE POPPYSEED & CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE AND GOOEY CHOCOLATE oh about over indulgence...

Plus I found some imported Madagascar Vanillas to try.. one of them is the Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Paste..awesomeness! I'm going to stick to this vanilla or the other two for all our products insyaAllah..
Totally awesome vanilla paste.

Our new delicious Orange Poppyseed & Chocolate Fudge Cake...available for orders.
Hoping to improve in food styling & food photography
A slice of freshness, which went straight into our mouths..and the caramelized orange made it even better!
Our brand new Gooey Chocolate Stack. Available through our Dessert Series Class.
Through The Dessert Table brand, we aspire to provide our affluent clients with superior high quality products, be it Cakes, Desserts, Pastries..both through our classes or through our Orders. 

We like Valrhona or Barry Cacao or Callebaut Chocolate and we like butter and not margerine. We use chocolates and cocoa powder that have 50% cocoa and above. No compund for us and our clients. We like Farmhouse milk and won't use anything less. And what we like, we want to let our clients have them too..

So if you find that our cakes, desserts or pastries are a bit on the premium price side, it's because we use premium ingredients in all our products, whether in our classes or in the orders we receive. We don't ever want to compromise on the quality of our products so rest assured, you will always get the best from us.

So, if you want to tantalize your taste buds with something absolutely delicious, come to our class or order from us, and find out for yourselves....

Tomorrow, it's White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake...oolalala....

Farida Ismail

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