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Monday, April 16, 2012

Chef Amer, Chef Fatima Ghani and whole lotta stuff!

Salam and hi,

 Chef Amer was at The Dessert Table last week for a private class on Commercial Cookies on the 10th April. Yup! Cookies people. Ramadhan is coming soon followed by Eid ul Fitr or Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. So cookie making business women are busy looking for new hit recipes to use for this coming festive season. I uploaded some photos from our recent class.  As usual the class was a havoc!

Looking intently at our notes. Chef told us we should draw the cookie shapes on the top side of our recipe note. hahahaha... because nobody did and were soon asking him, Chef, bentuk ni biskut apa? LOL! Dah kena leter...
Choco Oaties, addictive! A definite hit with kids and adults alike!
Haippp!! Hot from the oven... MasyaAllah..if only you could smell the delicious aroma from TDT..
Chef's assistant yg sangat rajin tuh..
Can't remember the name but absolutely delicious
Hahahaha...lost somewhere in those taking a breather on the mixer..
Hot from the oven

Tandanya sedap coz kids don't lie...
Next month, on 5-6th May, I've invited Chef Amer again to be with us. This time for basic class in Cake Baking & Cake Decorating 5-6 May. Details are provided in the poster below. Make sure you don't miss this class as it's gonna be loaded with delicious cakes and fun stuff. And Chef Amer is so NOT stingy with tips and lessons learnt. Call me soon as you read this  coz places are limited.  

AND my mentor Chef Fatimah Ghani from Melbourne is going to drop by TDT on her way to London. And she's offering to do a 2-Day Intensive workshop with us..wohohohohoho! Definitely worth your money people!! Sign -up if you know what's good for you. She is one of the very few people I turn to for advise..And she gave me loads of good advise ok. I won't be doing what I'm doing now without encouragement from her.. So if you're looking for an advise on directions in your baking life, talk to her (Chef, don't marah me if your phone rang off the hook after this heheh).

Chef Fatimah was Malaysia's first cake decorator and was already doing sugarpaste decorating when others were still dablling in buttercream in the 80s and I was still wiping runny nose heheh...She appeared in several TV shows and magazine during those days. She also won several awards in Cake Decorating on the International scene, mainly in Australia, UK and Malaysia. I knew her when I went for Basic Cake Deco course at Taylor's College few years back and was soon begging her for private class. After 3 months of non-stop calls and emails, she relented :-) and so my serious journey into baking & decorating began. After that she left Taylors College and went to join her kids in Melbourne and taught pastries and cakes at a local Uni there. Late last year, December I think, she was summoned by the King of Swaziland to His Royal Palace to teach the Chefs there how to make delicious cakes and pastries, fit for a King (no pun intended).

Call me soon as you see this too! To good a chance to be missed. 013-3554399 today!

Chef Fatima's competition entry
Also, our Food Styling & Food Photography Class on the 28th April, we still have some seats left. Please do not let this wonderful class go by. Make the right decisions and come to all our wonderful class. Call me now, 013-355 4399.

Till I see you again, be good.

Farida Ismail

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