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Monday, April 2, 2012

Fondant for Beginner

Salam and Hi,

MasyaAllah, what a month! Alhamdulillah March 2012 had been a very busy month. I hope and pray that April will be even more. 

On Monday we had a private Dessert Series Class where we baked Fudgy Brownies and Pavlova with Ms Ling. I forgot to snap any pix coz after class we conitnued with prep work for next day class. 

And the final class we had for March was the Basic Fondant Class for Beginners. We had Ms Ling (again :), thanks!), Pn Nina and Ms Winnie Leong, towkey D'Clay and the class was havoc! OMG! 

Plenty of laughter and teasing throughout the class and the results are like below: All of them went for different designs...havoc!

Anyways, through this basic class, we take you through the basic of baking a good butter cake and delicious icing. Everyone left the class with more knowledge on each ingredients involved in baking a good and delicious butter cake. When I first learnt the basics with Chef Fatima, she walked me through each ingredients and how they react to treatments and to one another. So I felt it's important also for those who attends my class to know the same thing.

Through this class, beginners will also learnt how to manipulate fondants to cover cakes and to make simple decorations.

Ms Ling's Fondant Cake

Winnie of d'Clay's Fondant Cake

Nina's Fondant Cake

I hope they had enjoyed the class and will continue baking. Good luck to all of you!

Next 2 weeks Class updates:

5th April - Dessert Series (RM540 private class, RM450 group class)
 ** Fudgy Brownies, Passionate Chocolate Cake (NEW!!) and Blackforest Cake.

Our new Dessert Cake - The Decadence Passionate Chocolate Cake. Don't miss this Class!!
7th April - Delicious Cupcakes (RM450 private class, RM450 group class)
** Red Velvet Cupcakes, Luscious Lemon Cupcakes and Moist Chocolate Cupcakes - gorgeous for any parties! Don't miss it! Send to us you daughters and their cousins or best friends and we'll teach them how to make this delicious cuppies. No worries for you next time you have any gatherings.

perfectly baked.

And for the 2nd week of April 2012

9th April - BASIC BAKING SERIES (RM540 private class, RM450 group class)
** Orange & poppy seed butter cake, Sponge Cake & Classic New York Cheesecake.

Dont miss this class! We won't have it again till next year! And we want only 10 pax for this class. So register Today! 013-3554399

11 & 12 April - Basic Sugar Flower Class (RM380 perperson)
You'll learn how to make gorgeous roses and filler flowers and foliage and of course, we'll guide you on the basic arrangement of a bouquet. Call today 013-3554399.

Basic Sugar flower Class

I can smell the spring.. :-). I'm looking forward to another adventure in spring :-).

Till then! Take care!

Farida Ismail

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