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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When it rains, it fell, rather heavily.

Salam & hi,

Wow! What a hectic weekend! I had this order for wedding cake & cupcakes and it was a rainy week. And of course, we bakers (especially those macarons bakers) and decorators all worried sick when there's too heavy a rain going on. 

We've done everything since Friday, flowers, baking and all and had assembled them on Saturday to be picked up on Sunday. I had a one-on-one on Royal Icing with Kak Fatimah but it was quite easy, so I relaxed.

Going for that vintage look
Came in early Sunday, still groggy and half awaked, while waiting for Hubbs to buy breakfast, I thought of printing some notes. I lazily glanced through the box where we put the cuppies in...OMG! I couldn't believe what I saw! I had to touch them and ewwhhh! The hydrangeas were almost blobs of messy sticky ewwhhh! Not serving that to customers!

Ok! Time to panic! We had in our anticipations of a good time ahead, finished the remaining red velvet cuppies...arrgghhh! I have to bake another round before K Timah comes in and was about to dial her, when she knocked on our front door....aduhaiiiiii.....she was almost an hour early, ohh kak timah ku sayang!

Dabbling in Food Styling & Photography
Roped her in to help me bake and make another round of hydrangeas. While we preparing the batter for chocolate cake, I was feeling that something was amiss. It wasn't the same recipe but I kept quiet. And when they finally baked, I tasted and alamak! wasn't the recipe I was going for!! This time I felt like smacking myself but had to control la in front of Kak Timah... Called Miedah and asked her to come by in between her classes to bake me another round... aduhai was one of those days when everything just didn't want to go right. Even the royal icing were acting up. Humidity was to high in my shop that day!

Hydrangea Cupcakes.
But, everything turned out fine. The cakes were picked up Monday morning before we had to run to the airport to send Hubby off.

Turn out they wed on monday morning, who would've thought that?

Farida Ismail

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