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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flowers and Royal Icing

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Oh my God!! What a fun, hectic week!!! I've been busy with 2 classes recently, the 1st was a 3-day porcelain flower course which ran from Friday till Sunday. And then I continued teaching the PME Royal Icing Diploma course. I've been asked to come up with a fresh module for the Royal Icing Course, and they were ecstatic with the results. I would definitely want to improve further on the module.

PME Royal Icing is aimed at all levels i.e so Beginners need not be frightened. It's quite a breeze. Come and challenge yourself to do something fantastic!!

Wowww!! What fun! I made some new friends and also got re-acquainted with my students from PME Sugar Flowers Dec 2010 intake. 

Enjoy the photos!

PME Intensive Royal Icing Class will run from 14-18th March. 

Flower Class  Roses, hydrangea and foliages (make and arrange) 
8-10th March 2011 (Sugarflours Bangi)
23-25th March 2011 (Sugarflours Taman Desa)

Flower Class - Peony, hydrangea and foliages plus a fantasy butterfly ( make and arrange)
29-31st March 2011 (Sugarflours Bangi)

Check out for complete schedule.

Puput, making her extensions, she sometimes stopped breathing :)

Suli, piping her extensions on her Swan Cake


Suli from Bangkok

Suli adding the lace to the extension

All that were learnt, the girls must apply on the dummies  and it came out quite beautifully.

My dummy cake. I made it while showing them how to piping using various nozzles and techniques

Roses in baskets

Puput's Swan Cake

 Suli's Swan Cake

The products of 5 days PME Intensive Royal Icing Course with me.

Suli's 2-tier, gorgeous!!

Puput's 2 tier, beautiful ain't it?
Smiles all around on the last day

Shahidatul or Puput was very proud when she finished her PME Diploma in Royal Icing

Suli (from Bangkok) was all smiles when she received her PME Diploma in Royal Icing
The girls with all their cakes deco for PME Royal Icing

Clay Flower Roses, Hydrangea and foliages arrangement 18-20th February Class

Sugar / Clay flower Class - RM850
This class was a havoc!!! It was like a reunion of school girls, what with the chatterbox and giggling and laughing...Oh My God!! Seriously...I can't stop laughing or smiling... the girls are so sporting!! I'd  like to have u gals back in my class... missing it, seriously.

Thanks to Roza Ngah, Enn Abdullah, Sue Ixora, Kak Shimah and Zaimah for coming to my class and showing serious determination to give it your best. Well done girls!!
Kak Shima's

Enn, Zaimah & Sue
Kak Shimah 
Roza Ngah

Sue's Rose

Roza's Rose

InsyaAllah, I'll be having baking classes on the 3rd and 12th March. We'll bake and make Opera Cakes, Sugee Cakes and Pavlovas...emmm emm emmm...yummmssss!!!

In the meantime, have a gorgeous week ahead!!

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Take care!!!!


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