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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Berry berry Pavlova

Berry berry Pavlova

Salam and hi,

Like the pavlova? I was feeling unusual energetic yesterday, prolly excited bout the prospects of new projects and classes. So I made some pavlovas... And a friend (new-found) who dropped by in the afternoon (with lunch, of course, thank you very much N!!), get to sample the delicious ( if I can say so myself, ekhemm..sorry!!), Berries Pavlova.

I've this peculiar craving for Pavlovas, even before Hajj and I've been satisfying it bit by bit, at a favorite restaurant. But I'm quite disappointed by the downhill quality and taste of their pavlovas. Plus, per slice is not cheap ok, RM14.50.

A good meringue should be a bit crusted on the outside and chewy, marshmallowy like on the inside. And it shouldn't have any grains of sugar felt on your tongue. The meringue and cream should have enough sweetness to balance the tartness of the berries...

Wow, I soooo love pavlova. Plus it's the only way to get Zaim to eat some fruits, coz he just loves the chewy meringue and the oh so lemak whip cream..

I know I said no baking class at home, but I change my mind, ahaksss!!

I'm going to have baking classes at home, but only limited to 2 persons at one time. And, I'm gonna include Pavlova in one of the series. We'll start in February, coz I'm saving January for class planning and doing some samples of cakes and sugar flowers.

So, if you're interested in a private session with me, for baking and cake decorating plus of course, Sugar Flowers, do drop me a note.

In the mean time, my 18th February class now has about 7 participants. Waaayyy over my head! They're all friends and wants to be together in a group. I'm expecting a hurricane like 'gamatness' over that 3 days in Sugarflours...

I've done the Sugarflowers course outline in the NeoOffice but I've trouble converting them into JPEG files. I want to convert them so I can upload them nicely on the blog. Well, maybe I'll convert them from the MS office, I've done it before, and it's waaayyy easy. So, sorry if the class page is still not updated. We'll see how it goes in the next 2-3 days...

In the meantime, overdosing on Pavlova is what I'm gonna do.

P/s: if you notice something funny bout the pages and layout, ignore it, coz I'm trying to re-do the blog :)

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