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Friday, March 4, 2011

Singing the notes!

Hi and peace be unto you,

I first saw the word "Opera Cake' on the Taylor's College part-time course brochure sometime back. And ever since then I've never stop wondering, what on earth is Opera Cake. How would it taste like? Is it nice? Is it worth it? And I've yet to go to their advance course. Then after a while, I let it go coz looking at the recipes makes me wanna weep.

I recently bought some very very good pastry books and my curiosity got fired up again. I looked and I looked and I sized myself up. It's a challenge. It's not the recipe's how to, but to get all fired up over something indefinite, isn't something I want to do alone. But looking at the pictures made me longed for it, even if it's only for slice. I need an accomplice.

So, I braved myself for a class on Opera Cake and Pavlova, something I'm quite familiar with by now. Someone took the bite and went further as to request a Sugee (semolina) cake. I didn't even blink when I clicked YES on the send button. Sugee Cake is an old, old cake recipe, which only, older generations are familiar with. Plus, it's waaayyyy too fattening.

Needless to say, I've not only took up the Opera Challenge, but I've tripled the pressure in one day, by having it as a class plus the intimidating Sugee Cake.

Pavlova! What can I say?

Buttery and nice, the coarse texture of semolina and almond made it taste rather nice. To be taken with precautions!

Singing the to the Opera tune, at last. It's a bit smudgy coz we were impatient and didn't refrigerate before we cut the first two slices. Heavenly slices, yummssss!!!

Good job Cik Mastura!! 

We had a slice of each cake we did for tea after class. Those and cups of black, thick piping hot coffee. Mas and I were like kindy kids, giggling and laughing our heads off, high from sugar and caffeine rush.

I must say, eggs and sugar, they do make me happy.

So, now that I've conquered my fear over singing to the Opera tune, I'm opening more classes on these 3 lovelies. Only for those who has done basic bakings please!!!

Sing to me at

Have a nice weekend!!

p/s : After posting photos on FB, Mas got loads of orders for all three cakes! Wonderful!!!

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