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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello from London,

Masyaallah! how long has it been since I last update this blog? 6 months? That is definitely record :)..

I'm in London now. Been here for 3 weeks and flying back home tomorrow. This is probably the 3rd year am here to attend some classes... maybe next year I'll go to the US for a change :)...

It's been a mad 6 months for us at The Dessert Table. Ever since I attended that fateful free seminar called Seminar Jutawan Industri with Dr Azizan Osman, my life, my business has not been the same. After that, I attended all the series and one that I attended with my hubby, he quit smoking. The very day that I wrote on his action plan that he would quit smoking, he did. Till today, he's cigarette free, alhamdulillah..I have a lot to gain from those seminars.

Business wise, well...The Dessert Table is now a Sdn Bhd Company, which I think is our way of stamping our foot firmly in the business. We are committed to bring the best Cake Baking and Decoarting courses to you out there, whether you're a hobbyist or someone looking into starting a small business from home or a bakery, we have courses suitable for you, offered from time to time.

We now have a Retail area in the front shop area. We offers Flower making tools, aprons, mitts, books, colors and so many other gems. You'd be delighted to browse through our store. We would soon offer them through our online store. Insyaa allah the web designer is in the midst of setting up the online retail store so we can offer convenience to our customers.

We have Admin Executive, Mira, taking care of all the affairs that I can't handle. You can reach her through 03-7499 4794 for any inquiries ya...

Ohh I could go on and on but I won't. Do look at our Class Calendar for June - September Classes ya..

Owhh!! And we have Sales on Tools and Classes as well. It'll only be on 15th June 10am - check out the details on our FB page as well. Go to for more details..

I have loads of photos but I have scarce time to upload them. Let me find time on the plane tomorrow. I do have about 14 hours to spare hahahaha...

Farida Ismail

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