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Thursday, November 29, 2012



Azman's Cake. See how close together those
Extensions are on the lowest tier? It made him puked
at the end of the day...but..beautiful ain't it?
I salute him.
 Assalamualaikum and hi dear readers,

How is everyone this week? Good? Alhamdulillah…. Not so good? Take it easy and think of it as a practice to make you a better person in areas you’re lacking. So in the end everything will be good.

When I go through a bad situation, I’ll cry it out and pray and then tell myself that come tomorrow, everything will be better coz the rule of the universe (sunnatullah) dictates that nothing ever stays the same.

So anyways, we had a repeat of Royal Icing Class last week. Wow! I tell you respect them all, Kak Aida from Tokyo, Azman the IT guy, Zac who owned her own cake business in Bt Pahat, Cake B'licious and Ziqah of Scrummy Cakes who makes beautiful cakes. They really are a bunch of determined lot.

Kak Aida Shibuya Tokyo or Kak Zuraidah currently lives in Japan with her Husband. She's back here to pre-organise her son's wedding function next year and she took the opportunity to attend my classes, twice, despite the daily drive to and fro Enstek. Actually, with her husband's position, she doesn't have to work for anything..but! That's it! What drove her through that?
Despite her age, Kak Aida gave best and 
came out with 2 awesome cakes.
Kak Aida's Monogram
Azman's Swan Cake..unbelievable right? I mean he's an IT guy!
Azman for instance, worked too hard on getting the perfect extension for his bridgework that in the end he had a huge migraine and threw up in his car on the way home. But he came again the next day with renewed energy.

Zac, bubbly girl from Bt Pahat. A budding cake artist who's work is meticulous and neat, always ready to try something new. Love her energy! She came in on the first day at 8 am after driving from Bt Pahat early in the morning. Wow!!

And then there's Haziqah. An awesome budding cake artist from Cyberview. Simply superb. Look at these Royal Icing cakes.


Royal Icing class: students in action.

I now am making it my business to guide them with their chosen colors, especially in terms of color combinations. Alhamdulillah...I think I succeeded in choosing colors that reflected their personalities and it show coz they were all happy with the results. I'm happy to have had touched their lives in my own small ways.

Each has their struggle coming to every class but they are determined to learn something to improve their lives and I believe they will be really successful people.

Talking about success, well… I too want to be successful. But I know I don’t have the right formula. I have been doing some guessing work all these while.  And while it seems to be working I feel it’s about time I get some help.

The moment I thought about it, my inner voice, my loyal companion, whispered that word that scares me the most. FAIL! YOU WILL FAIL.

You ever have that? That small distance voice that seems to follow you everywhere you go. I believe that everyone has this small voice that echoes negative thoughts. Every time you want to do something that will disturb you in your comfort zone, this voice will spring to life.

Usually it for me it’ll be something like this (read this in a whisper) –“Farida, you are doing just fine. Your husband is more than capable to cover for you if you can’t do it. Why would you want to tilt that balance in your life. You have more than enough. You are living a comfortable life that most people would just dream of....And worst of all.... if you try there’s no guarantee you will succeed. Then if you’ll be known again for your FAILURE. You don’t ever want to go through that ever AGAIN.....DO YOU?!!”

That same familiar voices that because of my past, had been my most loyal companion..though at times I managed to elude them... then I decided. Enough is enough. I have to do something. I feel complacent is setting in. I've procrastinate long enough, and so.....

I ignored these voices. I did the unthinkable. Joined the FREE seminar held by Richworks titled ‘Asas Jutawan Industri’ one fine Sunday.  Of course I went to that seminar with a skeptical mind. I wasn’t at all convinced that this guy Dr Azizan could do anything to help me change my life (not that it’s in shamble anyways, right?) But I had nothing to loose since it was FREE. And I was free that Sunday so I went. I was curious.

You want to know what happen? Something even WORST happened!    find out tomorrow night.

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aidaskitchen said...

Dear Farida,
Thank you for the lovely words on all of us as your students for that very day.And sincerely thank you for tolerating us, your valuable time and sharing all your passion in this industry...I can only say on my part money isn't everything in life...the unfounded skills and passion that lies beneath every human soul ..if you don't explore you wont know...I myself out of the blues discover my passion in baking over a very touching incident and had never turn back....But as I am married to a " globe trotter " man he he I had to put aside my passion for a few years so as the saying goes- a wife's place is beside her husband..I had to do the sacrifice but as we all planned but Allah SWT decides..being in Japan with him had given me the opportunity to widen my knowledge in baking with the Japanese way of baking exposure and I feel that is a very valuable experience...never in my mind imagine this would be journey so far has given so much laughter, enhance more love and given me new new friends from all over...but my greatest feeling money can never buy is when I get full support from my husband and kiddos plus families...the word..." Syg, your cake sedap n cantik sangat....." whatelse can you ask for?? right?? Love always from kak Aida