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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Durian Crepes, Various Crepes and Crunchy Cream Puff

Assalamualaikum and hi all you lovely readers :)

We started of November 2012 with a Bang! from the durian smell that is LOL! What a phenomenon. Durian Crepe, though had been around for a while, was made famous when Zalina Yahaya got her Hubby to tapau a few from Midvalley for testing. From then on, a durian storm hit all over Malaysia and I suspect the neighboring country too LOL! It's a Craze that had all the durian sellers puzzled.

Zalina nailed this one nicely. Everyone loved the taste and textured and the affordability and Bakers love it coz it's so easy to make. Good JOB Zalina. You've got yourself a permanent spot in TDT :)...hang neeehhh! Everyone was ecstatic and obviously eager for the class. They hung on to every word that came out of Zalina's lip like they were gold bars..hahahaha...awesome!

In case you haven't seen it, here's how it looks like. And for the taste,'ll just have to order some from us. I wish you can taste it here. It doesn't have the overpowering smell of a durian, instead it smells nice, very inviting. The skin texture, unlike the usual lempeng or crepe, it's amazingly thin that you can see the color of your skin underneath it, soft yet very sturdy, much like a durian skin itself and gentle on the palate. Not overpowering at all. And it complements the insides texture perfectly well. The fillings taste a bit like durian ice-cream when eaten cold and yet has no overpowering aftertaste or stinging strong smell of a durian. Well, you'll just have to order some laaa... sms us ya. RM10 for a pack of 6.
The infamous Durian Crepe (pronounced khrepp not krip hahaha...we had a French teacher in our class last week)
Selling price is RM10 for a pack of 6 pieces
 Next we did an awesomely nice French Vanilla Mille Crepe. I personally love this one though it can be highly detrimental to my health and waistline! I've seen this around the cafes but because of I have this thing about eating only from the source that I know, I've never eaten them before. But I can imagine the taste coz I've made crepes before. But to actually put some cold ones into your mouth...hmmm.. nuff said!

I love the rustic unpretentious look of this particular dessert. It so homey and yet exudes sophistication about it. And the taste... absolutely cloud 9 for me.

French Vanilla Mille Crepe. About 9" with 20 layers. Selling price would be RM105.

French Vanilla Mille Crepe Slices - absolutely addictive

 Next we did Tiramisu Mille Crepe, a chocolate variation from the Vanilla Mille crepes. You can have insanely loads of variety of Mille Crepes. Just have to be creative...
Tiramisu Mille Crepe RM110 for a 9" 20 layer.
 And the last one, another favorite of mine, Crunchy Japanese Creampuff. It looks the same as its cousin the Creampuff, only this one is much better coz it's not as soft or lembik like the Creampuff because of the crunchy topping. Awesome!
Crunchy Japanese Creampuff
There you go... what an insanely awesome class! Tq Zalina Yahaya for coming all the way from Seremban. Loads of thanks also to you lovely people who, instead of countless reminder not to come before 10.30am, still managed to wriggle your way into TDT early( like 9.30am!) with excuses like 'I need to use the ladies pleassseeeee'. That's it! Next time I'll go in through the back door hahahaha!

So I'll see you soon in our next few class.

10/11 - Food Styling &Food Photography class with a Demo on how to make Pasta Marinara with PAk Uda Ali - 3 MORE SEATS AVAILABLE (RM270 ONLY)
More info click here Food Styling & Food Photography

12 & 13/11 - Shabby Chic inspired Cake Design Class - 1 place is made VACANT. Please SMS me for registration.
Student's Cake from previous Shabby Chic inspired Cake Design Class 

15-17/11 - Royal Icing Class - Gazebo &; Brush Embroidery (17th Nov afternoon) - FULL 

Wow! Next week's gonna be a round of awesomeness! SMS me your inquiries or orders to 013-3554399 and insyaAllah I'll get back to you soonest possible.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week.

Farida Ismail
H/p : 013-355 4399.

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