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Monday, October 22, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hi friends of TDT,

How have you been? Been making the famous Durian Crepe lately? hahahaha... My friend Zalina of Bzee, she did a lot of people a lot of good by teaching this recipe. Ramai yg mendapat manfaat dari perniagaan mereka menjual durian crepe. Keep it up Na! Happy for her... and ramai juga yang mintak  saya invite Zalina ke TDT sbb mereka tak dapat nak ke Seremban. So I did :)

Happy to report her class at TDT will be on the 3rd November. Tapi tempat hampir penuh :-)

Before I continue rambling on, let me give you an update on classes to be held at The Dessert Table premise for the next 2 months.


3rd Nov - CREPE CLASS WITH PN ZALINA YAHAYA (RM250) 11am-4pm : 11 seats available

10th Nov - FOOD STYLING & FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY (RM270) 10am-2pm : 9 seats available

12 - 13th Nov - SHABBY CHIC INSPIRED CLASS (RM650) 10am - 5pm : 1 more seat available

15-17 Nov - ROYAL ICING GAZEBO (RM650) &  get BRUSH EMBROIDERY 17th Nov 2pm-5pm RM390 AT 50% DISCOUNT - CLASS IS FULL

27th Nov - HALAL MOONCAKE CLASS (RM220) 10am-5pm : 7 more seats available


1st Dec - SCHOOL HOLIDAY BREAD CLASS FOR KIDS 8 - 14 YRS OLD (RM180) : Registration is opened. Details will be uploaded soon.

2nd Dec - BREAD CLASS WITH MAMAZIEZA HASSAN (RM270) 10am-6pm : 8 seats available

8th Dec - WEDDING SUGAR COOKIES (RM280) 10am - 4pm : 5 more seats available


30th Dec - DESSERTS & FRENCH PASTRY WITH CHEF AMER : 3 more seats available

There'll be more classes added in between these dates, especially baking classes, soon ya, let me catch my breath first...

How to attend?
1. If you'd like to attend any of the above classes, please SMS me your name and name/date of class/es.
2. Confirm your seat by making an RM100 (nonrefundable) deposit into our The Dessert Table Maybank acc no 5648 0163 9202.
3. When you make the online transaction/ATM, please sent an email to to notify us of your payment. Do not send MMS photos.
4. Balance is to be paid gradually before class date, or Full on the date of class.
 Phewww! There you go, if you need regular updates, then FB page is the best. Go to and like our page.

Shabby Chic Inspired Cake Design Class - 12-13th Nov 2012

While preparing our Shabby Chic Inspired Cake Design Class on the 5-6th Oct, I saw an offer on the FB newsfeed by Chef Amer that MITI/Insken will be sponsoring lucky participants a 5-day all expenses paid for Chocolate & Chocolate Decorations Course with Chef Amer in Alor Setar. Woohoo! I tried my luck and sent in my name. I didnt think much about it till I got a forwarded email from Chef asking me to go and register myself 8.30 am for the class on Monday morning! Wohoooo..alhamdulillah..rezeki rezeki..Allah Maha Kaya dan memberi rezeki kepada sesiapa yg dikehendaki Nya. Many thanks to MITI/INSKEN for organising such a wonderful class! And huge thanks and kudos to Chef Amer for sharing with us knowledge on Chocolates. I'm in love with making chocolate! So sedap!!!! The class was a huge success and havoc! Sangat kecoh!

It was a tough course. We we drilled by Chef for 5 days straight from 8.30am till 10.30pm everyday. Tough! really tough and tiring but oh my did we have fun! We were smelling, tasting and munching on dark, milk and bitter chocolates and were high on sugar all the time. Giggling and laughing..oh my, we kept running to the loo, not to mention the seminar room was really cold, to the bones! Chef really tickled everyone's funny bones, and I think he really touched everyone's heart with his wit, generosity and deep pride & knowledge in what he does. He is after all the Master Chocolatier people. What a lucky bunch we were.

Cant resist taking a shot at the chocolate buttons.

Chef Amer

Chocolate melter, I'd love to have these babies. Any sponsors? hahaha

No serious faces in these class..chocolate high..we were laughing, smiling and giggling throughout the 5 days. I miss  the kecohness.

MITI/INSKEN rep. Pn Atasha from Putrajaya

Presentation time on the first night. Marketing our chocolate products. Hilarious!
Candid camera!
We made these babies, delicious babies..

And these
These Crunchies are my favorite!
Awesome! I'll be making these Crunches for Raya Haji insyallah :)

We made all of these. Everyone had a box of these babies. OMG so delicious!
Alhamdulillah.. I was always curious how they do this chocolate box, and now we know :)
I shoot so many photos but these are the fews that I manage to edit and upload. The rest I'll keep for my own collection.

Came back and no rest for me though I was dead tired. Next day was Bread Class with Mamazieza Hassan. It was quite a full class :)..delicious bread dough smell wafted through TDT in the morning and by afternoon the  was filled by heady smell of bread baking in the oven. 

Mama in action! 
Roti gebu! Sedap gila..cair dalam mulut.

Roti naik Johor
Sausage buns, Zaim goes googoogaagaa
Mexican Bread, seems to dissipate into thin air in a few minutes..LOL!
We made a total of 7 types of breads from 3 types of dough. Everyone was excited and happy to bring back so many breads for dinner and breakfast...

And then the next day, TDT had Chef Amer in the house for KELAS KEK KOMERSIAL. Havoc sekali lagi...during class, we negotiated more classes with Chef and got 29th & 30th Dec for more classes with different recipes (see above for class info).

Wow! What a week! Full blast! I wanted to take Monday off so I stayed at home and posted the class photos and class schedule status on FB. And wow! The phone, ipad and mac all ting tong ting tong at the same time!! The whole day! And I didnt get my off day for next 2 days. Inquiries, bookings, payments and all sorts came my way on Monday and Tuesday. Chef Amer's Classes were fully booked on Monday. So I opened another 6 seats for both classes and the 29th Dec was snapped like hot cakes (no puns intended)..(info at the beginning of this post).

So there you go... sorry for the long post. I'll try to post at regular intervals, if there's time. 

Please do register early for the classes that you're interested in. It's selling like hot cakes. Follow me on The Dessert Table  FB page coz we have offers on classes from time to time.

There'll be Chocolate Classes starting from February next year. So keep checking the FB ( for faster update) or this blog (I cant guarantee if seats are available by the time I post here.)

Next few days will be spent on class plan for next year. And I'm excited! 

I pray that all of us, you and me, be given rezeki yang halal dan melimpah ruah. Amin.

Till then, you take care.

Farida Ismail

p/s : I know some of you youngsters are excited about the classes, but I am asking for your kind consideration to only keep your calls and sms to me from 8am - 7pm only. I have been receiving SMSes asking about classes availability at 1.30am or whether Durian Crepe will be taught first or last at 12 am I mean..come on! Some sensibility please. I thank you for your understanding of my need for privacy.

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