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Sunday, October 7, 2012

CAKE DESIGN CLASS - Shabby Chic Inspired Cake 5-6 Oct 2012

Salam & hi,

How was your week? Mine was hectic but fab! We had the Cake Design Class - Shabby Chic Cake with 2 ladies, complete beginners with very little experience in fondant and making gumpaste roses and stuff. But, look at the results! Totally awesome, though they were a bit scared of what might come their way... hahaha..I had complete confident in these two ladies, Maza & Nina. And Maza did all those work while having flu...poor girl. Syafakillah..may Allah grant you shifa, ameen.

Enjoy some of the photos I managed to snap yesterday..

Nina's Shabby Chic Cake, simply gorgeous!

Maza's cake, totally awesome!

Beautiful roses and fillers Maza

Where it all happened for the past 2 days.
If you'd like to join this class, I'm having one insyaAllah in November, so watch out for the space. OR if you want to be alerted, please leave us your email address and we'll notify you of our class updates. Mail me at for info.

Nina's awesome Shabby Chic Inspired Cake
Meanwhile, I'm attending a 5-day fully sponsored by MITI, Chocolate Decorations & Designs Class with Chef Amer..woohoooo right? Yup! Only 20 people are chosen for this course and and happy am one of them. So I'll be enjoying myself going through chocolates and more chocolate for 1 whole week. On Saturday, I'll be back at TDT coz we're having Kelas Meroti bersama Mamazieza Hassan & next day, Kelas Pembuatan Kek Komersial bersama Chef Amer... I pray for good health, ameen.

What a hectic week it has been, and more to come by tomorrow.. I hope you're enjoying whatever it is that you're doing too. Something that gives you the boost to wake up in the morning! If not, hmmm you might be in the wrong field. I've found what I totally love to do and I get to meet a whole lotta awesome people in the process.

So, again, have an awesome week ahead!

p/s: dont forget to check out our Class Announcement in the previous postings..We have offers on Classes!


Farida Ismail

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