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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hi,

Alhamdulillah, all praise be to the AlMighty Allah Azzawajalla. It had definitely been a busy weekend indeed.

The Dessert Table had pleasure to host the awesome 'Commercial Cakes Workshop' on Saturday 18th Feb. Many thanks to Chef Amer for being so sporting and fun while delivering the class, his 2 assistants who tireless prepared and cleaned up throughout the class and to all the lovely participants, from all walks of life and ages. Some were even from out of town like Ipoh, Jerantut, Melaka, all came in droves seeking improvements in their existing recipe fortes. Well, we sure learnt a lot from Chef Amer, he has vast and deep knowledge in preparing cakes and chocolate, being THE Master Chocolatier in Malaysia. Great pleasure of mine to host this workshop, alhamdulillah.

Well. aptly named Commercial Cakes Workshop, we learnt all the techniques and know-how on how to make the cakes and make it commercially viable for the bakers to sell them cheap. I'm not gonna divulge too much, those who want to know will have to sign up for his next class with us... :-)

Enjoy some of the photos...

Intro session.
Dark pitted Cherry...yummmssss
Masing-masing khusyuk sambil tersenyum dengar penerangan Chef yang sangat lawaknya.
Finishing touches
Glazing the Boston Cheesecake
Nope, we're not fighting..heheh..tengah memarut chocolate. When Chef Amer did it, he just needed the table and his lutut, but we..heheh...sangatlah loratnya...

Chef, bila disuruh smile..sambil memukul telur...heheh..

Tadaaaa..... dah siap! Bab posing memang semua champin!

Our Chilled Oreo Cheesecake

Blackforest cheesecake. Don't mind me, am experimenting with food styling.

Blackforest Cake

Chocolate perfection. Insyaallah will upload the cut version when I get around to cutting it. So sayaang one....

Boston Cheesecake

Then on Sunday and Monday, I continued on with a Sugarflowers class with my cousin Syakella, Mimie from Melting Bites Penang and Julia, an IT Lecturer from Malacca.

Masyallah..Mimi closed shop for 2 days to come for this class and Julia, travel back and forth to Malacca for 2 days coz she has a baby and Sya had to leave her cute 1 1/2 year old Aira too. What an effort they put in to come to my class, and the results, wonderful! Beautiful sugar flowers, all handcrafted from scratch. I even threw in arrangement coz they were all so nice and so eager to learn. Thank you all for coming.

Mimi, jangan tunggu lama2, confirmkan plan kita tu cepat sikit ya...:-).   

Mimi's , nice work! Very meticulous work. Beautiful color  as well. 

I showed her how to make a simple bouquet arrangement.


Sya's simple but nice arrangement. She made this while catching a cold. Poor thing.

Julia's arrangement. Despite the soksek soksek, she managed to make enough flowers for me to show her  how to make the simple arrangement. Good Job Jue.

These babies are mine which I did throughout the class with them...

Pull blossoms, delicately pretty! Also mine, heheh...
So, I'm like a happy bunny having finished all the classes...alhamdulillah. To top it of I got to go attend a lecture by Mufti Ismail Musa Menk from Zimbabwe last night, having all these while listened to CDs and watching his DVDs while making flowers. We got to pray Maghrib and Isya with him as our Imam, alhamdulilah...all Praise by to The Almighty Allah, for granting my du'as. I've always wanted to attend his lecture...

I'm planning for more classes with Chef Amer, most of them will be during weekdays because he is fully booked on weekends till end of the year. Tu diaaa...

Due to overwhelming response, we are going to hold another Food Styling and Photography Session with Chef Ali, most probably in early April. I have 4 people lining up to join in the class, so if you're interested, please register early with me. We are only taking on 10 pax so that everyone is comfortable, so late inquiries and registration, next class!

Next line up of classes will include :

1. Raya cookies Demo with Pn Rozita Kader of Ita's Delight.

2. Cakes & Cake Decoration with Chef Amer - this class will be a private class of 4-5 participants. Almost full.

3. French Desserts with Chef Amer - also almost full.

4. Sugarflower Class 1 (2 days) - Roses, pull blossoms and foliage - suitable for beginners. Taking only 3 pax. RM350/person.

5. Sugarflowers Class 2 (3 days)  - Peony, foliage and butterfly - intermediate. Prerequisite - Sugar Flower Class 1. Only 3 pax.  RM450/person

6. Delicious Brownies - Fudgy and Cakey type.

7. Berry pavlova and Red Velvet Cake.

Excited? Call me at 013-355 4399 or email me ( the list of classes you want to join in. Dates of classes will be updated soon.

In the mean time, enjoy the rest of the week!

Farida Ismail

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