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Saturday, January 14, 2012

DESSERT SERIES CLASS - Blackforest, Strawberry Cream Cake & Pavlovas

Salam & hi,

When I first started blogging few years back, never had it crossed my mind that one day I would have a reader, a real one that is.. I imagine the numbers that grew on the side bar could just be mine, clicking in & out my own blog..hahaha..

Let alone met up with one, or two.. :)

Today, 2 of my phantom readers, Juliana & Mimi came to life. I can finally say, am not the only one reading my blog..woot woot!

A back to back class ( I had to skip my asam pedas lunch today), Ju came in to learn cakes from The Dessert Series - Blackforest Cake & Strawberry Creamcake.. I hope you had fun and will come back for more classes Ju...

Strawberry Creamcake by Juliana
And then Mimi who came down from Penang yesterday just to learn how to make Pavlova. I hope you'll make lots of pavlovas for the Penangites Mimi..All the best to come again ya..

Mini Strawberry Pavlova by Mimi from Penang
Mini Blueberry Pavlova with Mimi from Penang

Am having the time of my life right now. A dream come true. I hope you'll never stop dreaming till yours come true too. If Allah wills it, it will come true for your too.

Take care
Farida Ismail

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