Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. "Oh you who believe, eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah, if it is indeed He who you worship" (Al-Baqarah : 172)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Assalamulaikum wbt and Hi,

So, while munching on Lyza's delicious biskut udang kering, am staring at the screen, long enough to realize that I've been in 'real' business for 1 1/2 months. Hmmm... sure feels like I've been doing it a looooonggg time. I mean we haven't even launched The Dessert Table properly yet. I'm still juggling up brochure designs, menus and class schedules and orders and some other business prospects that I am now officially a mess. Like today I completely forgotten where I put that newly develop cake photos I picked up from the shop yesterday. 

If it weren't for my two gorgeous friends, you'd probably find me under the bed, hiding from the world, in my comfort zone.

But I thought bout what Hubby asked me the other day, well on the 17th to be exact, 'would you rather you had gone traveling around the world or would you still rather do this? This means opening up Dessert Table.' Hmm... I would open up The Dessert Table and then go traveling..hahaha..oopppsss!

Anywhooo...for the past 1 1/2 months, I've met wonderful and soooo very very helpful people with the most gorgeous souls indeed. I love it that my days now are feel with new experiences and new friendships that I hope will develop into a lasting ones. Am so grateful to Allah for sending these beautiful people along my way...they certainly enriched my life with wisdoms and funny bones...hahaha..

Indeed only Allah will repay all your kindness to me. I pray for your happiness and blessings and bounties from Allah for you and your families. Someone get me a tissue...

Cik Mas, my smurfette, looking so serious at what I was showing her :) . She helped with the cactus tree and Vie the traffic rock Girl!!
The hand responsible for Wilson. Thanks Lyzs, *huggsss*

Jher Wey said, mom where's Coco? hahahaha... Sorry kiddo, no space for  aunty to put Coco neh..

Jher Wey's mom had this to say :
Hi Farida. I would like to sincerely thank you for the nice cake you made for Jher Wey. The kids were having lots of fun eating the 'sand and stones', even the 'railway tracks' today. Thanks so much for the great work. The cake tastes very good too. It is fresh and moist. We adults enjoyed it very much.

Wedding Anniversary Cake for Datuk E & Datin N
plus 50 cuppies bearing monograms of their initials, which I didn't get to snap, coz I forgot, duhh!

Our next Food styling and Food Photography Workshop will be at the end of this week. Am still thinking of the subject to prepare for the shoot. What would like to see being shot? Yani, who's coming this time around, will be bringing in her famous macs. I've also asked her to make some bigger size meringue, we'll see what we can do with that. In the mean time, I'm still blurrish bout what to prepare. Cakes seems so boring. I'll have to pour deep into those mags and books to find some inspirations.

In the meantime, let me go back to those menus and pricing and so many other things pending.

You have a great week ahead!

The Dessert Table

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Umm N said...

Salam Icuk, may these little steps (actually it is BIG STEPS) will lead you to a more prosperous (eh, eh tetiba tak sure nak eja ni) journey not only monetary wise but most importantly, hopefully (doa) this will enrich your soul and ours too as your friends.

This is also part of ibadah because a halal outlet (halal in everyway - ingredients, process, and niat, products etc etc) insyaa Allah will generate pahala as to give your muslim customer a choice.

All the best!!!