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Saturday, July 30, 2011

PME Royal Icing and Life like Sugarflowers

Salam and hi,

It's been a while kan? Maaflah kerana sibuk sikit. Nak cari masa duduk diam diam, edit gambar dan upload. Today am a bit free so here goes. Before that, Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak to all Muslims out there. What's the plan? For sure we're already thinking and planning of maximising our good deeds during the blessed month. May Allah make us among those who strive hard to get His blessings and make us among those who will get to meet the Lailatul Qadr. May Allah also make us among those whom will accompany the Blessed Prophet Mohammad SAW to enter Jannah, with our families. Ameen.

Well, before I continue with Royal Icing and Sugarflowers, I just want to share some gorgeous flower photos that I took during Floria 2011 in Putrajaya, recently.

Sea of flowers at Floria 2011...sangat menggeramkan. This is only the dunya. For sure the flowers in Jannah are more beautiful than this.
Up close and personal pink rose

Raindrops on flowers everywhere after a short drizzle
anak muda ku :)
posing depan bed of gorgeous flowers di tengahari buta @ Floria 2011 Putrajaya

Gorgeous rose, subhanallah..

PME Royal Icing Class June 2011
For this month's PME class, I had the privilege to teach these 3 awesome girls, royal icing. We had the most fun, that I actually missed them after that..ahaaakkss! It wasn't hard to teach them royal icing, but it was hard to keep a straight face while teaching. Always teasing each other, kelas yg menyakitkan perut kerana terlampau bnyk gelak. Anyways, congrats girls especially Ida and Renu for completing your Royal Icing and other PME courses as well. You girls are now Masters in Cake Decorating.

I was showing Hellen how to pipe the lace design correctly.
While we were so riuh rendah in the class, we managed to get the whole lesson done on time. I'll let the photos speak. 

Hellen's gazebo cake, nice

Ida's gazebo

Renu's gazebo cake. Cun!

Embroidery lesson

Basketweave and roses lesson

Sebahagian kek Ida.. cantikkan? You can do it too! Come and join us in PME courses and have fun learning while getting and learning loads from Wati Bakar and me.

Hellen dengan kek graduasinya, tahniah Hellen!
Happy sangat si Ida. She completed all 3 PME Diplomas and now holds a Masters in Cake Decorating. Tahniah Ida!!

Funny and very efficient and hardworking Renu. Congrats on your Masters in Cake Decorating as well!! Proud of you.
Lunch on the last day. We had such a great time during class. OMG! I don't mind having this group all over again.  Sweet Hellen from Bali, cheeky Renu and the quiet but wise Ida. I enjoyed the 5 days tremendously gals!!
Private Sugarflower class with Liza from KL
This week I had 2 classes at home. Sugarflowers and cupcakes but I totally forgot to snap pix of the cupcake class as time was so short.

Liza had some background doing sugarflowers which she said she had learnt from teacher youtube. :)). But knowing that she need to have a real person guide her, she approached Wati and was redirected to me. Liza told me she had always followed my blog, so we clicked instantly. Lagipun kita dua orang x-student MRSM. She MRSM Jasin, me MRSM Kuantan. So of course, something else in common.

It was easy to teach her since she had already tried her hands in sugarflowers. All I had to do was refine some of the techniques and here they are, gorgeous!!

Yellow Rose and daun puding in the background
Pink Rose, berries and lily by Liza
Am taking a break from class this Ramadhan. And insyaallah will continue after Raya. If you want to book a class either PME or Sugarflower or anything else, please let me know early so we can schedule them nicely. You can also order just bouquets of Sugarflowers for your cakes. Message me for price.

So, have a good and fruitful Ramadhan. May Allah accept all our deeds and help us improve our ibadah. May He also make us steadfast in our deen, ameen.

Farida Ismail


amira shasmeen said...

Hiya ... just read this entry ...tq so much for spending time with me .. absolutely loved your company and not forgetting Mastura!!! Hope to meet up for more sessions!!!

(signed using my dotters account :P)

Farida_Ismail said...

Hi're an aboslutely lovely company and a very good student. I'll see you @ The Dessert Table soon ok?