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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Peony Sugar flower

Salam and hi,

It's school holiday again!!! Busy time for moms I would gather. I heard friends talking bout stocking up the larder and fridge with plenty of food..hahahaha... nice!! I've been making tray after tray of brownies as I test all sorts of chocolate and cocoa powder I could find. The latest finding was Valrhona cocoa...woohoooo!!! I paired the cocoa up with the Madagascar Lindt choc and made fudgy goodness!! Have it with scoops of ice-cream....sent me off to the neverland instantly :)

Few days back, my good friend Zalina ordered a bouquet of sugarflowers and she wanted the Peony flower and it's arrangements. So here they are, presented on a 3 tier dummy. She's making the cake herself and the wedding is in Perlis..woohooo!! Orang Perlis, kalu nak belajaq bunga ni mai tughun Kay El naaa..... jangan dok malu jangan dok segan...

Large Peony : Suitable for 3 - 4 tiers Wedding Cake
Peony arrangements and butterflies ordered by Zalina.
Thanks Na. Jangan lupa update aku noooo....

While doing the flowers ordered by Zalina, on a request by Mastura, I too conducted a private class for her, doing the same flowers. Well, it's a good thing for me coz I wasn't lonely doing them flowers. It was a crazy fun, hilariously therapeutic 3 days for me!! And her, maybe...hahahahaha...

Good job Mas!! Next she wants to learn how to make sugarpaste Roses, hydrangeas and it's arrangement and also a class on Decorating with Royal Icing.

 If you, like Mastura, would like a private class, please let me know. Mail me

Take care!! To those who followed my blog, thanks a million!!!
Sugarpaste Peony flower and it's arrangement and butterflies.
Made by Mastura in the Peony Class . Nice!!
Mastura posing proudly with her work.
Congrats Mas!!!

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