Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. "Oh you who believe, eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah, if it is indeed He who you worship" (Al-Baqarah : 172)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A wedding and 2 funerals

Sugarcookies for Faisal and Ema's Wedding 10.10.10
Drying up the icing of hundreds of cookies

Sugarcookies packed individually to be given to guests.


It's been a while eh? Well, alhamdulillah, the calmer things are, the busier I get. Allah is the Greatest. True to His Words, nothing stays the same, except, of course, He Himself. Heart-aches are replaced with joys and vice versa. It's all part and parcel of life and we have to take it in with redha and syukur.

Al-Fatihah to my Opah Chu, the youngest sister of my late Opah, who passed away on the 2nd of Syawal, at the age of 87. Also Al-Fatihah to Hubby's Grandmother, who passed away also during the blessed month of Syawal. Alhamdulillah, we managed to go and see them a week before both passed away. We managed to ask for forgiveness from both of them. May both be placed among the solihin. Amin.

To my sis-in-law, get well soon dearie. Not to worry, we'll all make du'a for you to get better, in all aspects. If you need anything, just buzz, we'll be there k.

Brother's Wedding.

Well, alhamdulillah too, Faisal, my younger brother, finally met someone to settle down. We were all so happy for him. The whole 3 day event went smoothly, alhamdulillah.

To Ema, welcome to the family.  Congratulations to the both of you!! May your life be blessed now that you've fulfilled a sunnah of Rasul Allah. We pray that you'll have a harmonious and fulfilling lives ahead.

I made about 600 pieces of these sugarcookies for their wedding last week. It took me about a week to finish them, with the help of Salina, a good friend who travelled everyday from BJ to my house. I hired her on the 2nd day coz I know I won't get any sleep if I did these all on my own. We took 2 days to prepare the dough and bake the whole 600 plus cookies. 1 day for Sal to tie up all 600 plus tiny ribbons while I decorated the cookies, and the we continued to do it together and wrapped them up in cellophane plastics. Even her kids helped. Thanks Iffah, Iman and Adam. To cute little Hannah, sorry ye auntie kidnap ibu awak...

Some of the guests enquired and wanted to order these babies for their kids weddings but I politely declined. The amount of work involved, ohhh gosh....You need to be prepared to pay me good money.

I know lady who made these and is selling it for RM14 a piece. In the US, it's USD6.50 for a wrapped piece and USD4.50 for a simple unwrapped piece. But hey, I won't charge that much, trust me.

Elaine, a friend said, she'll pay the price, because she appreciates the art in it. Well, I wish everyone feels that way, makes my life easier.

In any case, wish u all a blessed week ahead.

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