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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going Bananas? Not!!

Wati, Chef Deen, cik adik manis ni, me and Lisa at MIFB 2010.

I'm really happy.

I thank Allah for the all bananas that I had planted in my backyard back in Seremban 2. The over supplies of bananas then, had prompted me to try and bake a banana cake, since we were almost purging from overdose of fresh sweet bananas. Hence my journey into the world of cakes, wonderful wonderful world of cakes and cake decorating begin with smashing bananas...

That banana had taken my world by storm. Cake baking and decorating has taken me everywhere and introduced me to so many people. Some became good friends. Some remained just acquaintances but none in the baking and decorating world ever made me go bananas (pun intended), thank God for that!! They are all as sweet and nice as banana splits :-).

Now, while editing my photos from recents events, I am forever thankful to Allah for bringing this wonderful world cake decorating into my life. I can't believe I'm doing this. Neither can my hubby, my family or my friends who knew me. MasyaAllah. Like Mr. Gump said, life is like a box of chocolate, we never know what we we might get. Right now is like the sweet milk chocolate for me, though I do get the occasional bitter ones, which are also good for me. Makes me appreciate the milk chocolates when I do get them.

Last week I had the chance to participate in the MIFB '10 at PWTC and did some demo work for Sugarflours. I was there to promote my classes as well as Sugarflours' PME courses. And also because Wati is my good, good friend. Datin or Aunty Yon, her mom dropped by, and words of wisdom and encouragement just kept flowing from her....thanks Aunty for your confidence in all of us. I'm sure you're really proud of Wati.

Wiz was there on the 3rd day as well. She did her demo and came up with this cute design of family trees using the bears molds..this girl, she got loads of talent and creativity.

Chef Ismail graced our booth with his brief appearance as well. He was so happy to see all the beautiful cakes and sugar flowers and insisted that we enroll him for classes, especially sugarflowers. He gave us his number and we are to call him for classes in the near future. Wow!! Cant wait to have Chef Ismail in my class..sure gamat!!!

All in all the crowd was overwhelming, especially on Saturday as the event opened for public. We got people from all over, and some even took leave from work just to come to our booth. Wow!! A few even came 3 days in a row, to watch demos, sign up for classes and to make purchases. Thank you to all that made that day special for know who you are.

Some were even readers of my made my day to have met all of you. Thank you very much for following my journey.

Sugar roses and hydrangeas I made during the 2 days demo at MIFB 2010. My arrangement now is very much influenced by Alan Dunn, though its no where near as perfect as his.

Life like Sugarflower Workshop @ Sugarflours Taman Desa 26-28 July 2010.

Pn Noraliza's sugarflower arrangement

Ms April Low's

After a day's rest, we immediately had the Life-like sugarflower class at Sugarflours Taman Desa outlet. It was days of fun and laughter and I appreciate Pn Noraliza and Ms April's dedication and patience in doing the flowers, bit by bit. I enjoyed the class very much..and I hope you both did too. Thanks for coming and hope to see you gals again. Good job!!

I got my inspiration for the sugarflowers arrangement from my teacher, Alan Dunn. I hope to make him proud.

Thanks girls for joining my workshop. You gals did a great job despite being total beginners!!

Next Life like Sugar flowers workshop will be :
1. Sugarflours Bangi - 18 & 19 August 2010
2. Sugarflours Taman Desa - 25 & 26 August 2010

p/s : You need to have basic skills in sugarflower to attend this workshop. Necessary skills include manipulating gumpaste, wiring, dusting etc.

Call Ms Lisa Joehari of Sugarflours for more details.

In the meantime, Selamat menyambut Ramadhan AlMubarak to all you muslim readers.


Lisajoehari said...

Thank you so much from all of us at Sugarflours!


Anonymous said...

Yes your flowers are very much influenced by Alan's creations. I am sure Alan is smiling ear to ear if he sees how similar your flowers are to his. I love all your arrangements as well, so rustic and authentic. Keep it going Pridah, making flowers is definitely your forte! I will lend you my back anytime for photography support that is hehehehe. Nanti bila chef Ismail join one of your classes, let me be your kuli for the day k. I will help you out, no pay necessary. Just would like to see him in action.

Farida_Ismail said...

Hey Lisa, it was my pleasure...
Cik 'iman' thanks for all your kind words n encouragement.... I'm thinking along the same line, I do love flowers..;)
why do you want to be a kuli? Why don't u join as well, sign of support maaaaa...