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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sugar Flower with Alan Dunn

Final product of private class with Alan.

Am so glad am at home now. And the best thing was, I came home to a very-very clean house. Hubby either missed me that much or he was bored out of his skull!! Either way, I'm happy coz the house is squeeky clean. I'm still going thru some mild jetlag, which I hope will clear up soon.


Whilst I was there, I managed to find the ever elusive Primrose Bakery near Covent Garden, I couldn't find it the first time I was looking for it with Shida. We'll have to thank iPhone for it's innovative maps. I was so happy when we found it. It was like, mission accomplished! I mean this place is where dreams have come true for 2 women. They started their baking at home, for their kids, and then they managed to get orders from the likes of Fortnum&Mason, Harrods, Knightbridge, and then for Anya Hindmach, Elton John, etc... and the best thing is, their cupcakes and cakes, they look real and so simple. No fancy schmancy thingy popping out of their cuppies.

Till now, they stick to what sells, flavor in all its simplicity.

And the setting of their little shop (I mean really!! It is a small little shop, with only 3 little tables where we had to share with 6 other people), it's so simple and homey..gosh!! I want to just sit there forever.....

And the kitchen/counter, it's not gleaming with modern gadgets whatsoever. It's just like my kitchen. Messy a bit and very down-to-earth. Typical shabby chic look (ok, my kitchen not shabby chic, it's not done but who cares). I loike!!

I had their choc cupcake with choc topping and carrot cake with creamcheese. Nice, not too sweet despite them being the butter icing type. Love!! Sis-in-law had their lemon cuppy, also nice!! And, I bought their recipe book and their bags!! Ahaks!! Too bad they ran out of aprons...

Let you share some of the pix..
this is Iman, my anak sedara from Manchester.

sempat lagi posing ngan sis ni who works at the bakery.

Had simple delicious cuppies and recipe book to boot.

Simple logo for simple cupcake shop

The yellow shop at the corner is the Primrose Bakery

So not!! I'm so not wearing this baju made me looked big, which am not!!

On Friday and Saturday before the Primrose journey, I had a private class (or one to one) with Alan Dunn. Yep!! The one and only Alan Dunn. He was nice enough to accept a last minute request from me to have a 2 day private class with him. He charges about BP300/day, which worked out to be RM1500 perday. So, 2 days class was RM3000..thank God the exchange rate is a bit low right now. Imagine if it had been RM6.8 to BP1.. Pengsan!!

But then again, he took the trouble to come down to London, instead of having me go up to his place in Newcastle, which is about 3 hours ride on the train from London and would have set me back about another BP150 for train ticket and probably BP80-90 for one night stay at local b&b.

We had our little class at his friend, Sathya's, house in Croydon. A little place in south west of London. Thanks Sathya for letting me have the class at your place. And thanks a million for your hospitality. You were great!! BTW, Sathya is at least 3 times (correct me if I'm wrong, Sathya!!) gold medalist in cake decorating or sugar flower competition. And she's not a baker or teacher. She doesn't want to be. So dia memang terer habis!!

And Alan, hmmmm...what can I say. He's the nicest guy in cake decorating business that I've ever met. He's very very humble. He's soft spoken and very funny. He loved to joke around. I still have the "gooday Sheila" thingy going on in my mind. It's something that he and his friend (dang! I forgot her name) share when they talk to one another..anyways..

He's always trying to make things easier for people around him, and he's very easy to be with. I mean, I don't feel all that difficult to have conversations with him. And boy, did we talked! A lot. Him, Sathya and me. Our conversations, well, some revolved around flowers and his cats and music (hahaha) but mostly around social issues, including, the sensitive issues of religion and prejudices. I found him to be very open minded...which is quite refreshing really.

I'm very happy to have had the chance to sit in his class, not once, but twice. He's got plan to come down to Malaysia, maybe next year. But it's still not firmed yet. ready, if you're his fan!!

I told Alan that I'm wanna have another class with him next year, and am trying to arrange a class with one of the master in royal icing there, also in spring next year..insyaallah. This time I'm bringing hubby and son with me.

With Alan and Sathya.

We joked about this sofa...

Alan's new book which is coming out in June 2010. I asked him for a copy, an I was so happy that he took the trouble of getting one for me... Thank you Alan!!

He even auto'ed it for me..owwwhhhh...(psst !! am not suppose to tell you bout this..but hey!! it's already June, so just a couple more days..)

I have in my collection now, a lot of Alan's books. He's got one coming out for Christmas, and he's already on a project of another book for next year. Good luck Alan! Have fun with the project. Can't wait for it!

I'm hoping to be able to sit down quietly and plan classes for this coming July an August. Those of you interested please let me know, coz I'm just gonna have small classes.


elisataufik said...

masya-Allah, cantik nya the flower you made with Alan!!

Farida_Ismail said...

Alhamdulillah..Alan taught n I follow only...

wiz said...

I just finished reading your London adventure, finally! So happy for you and envious of the Alan Dunn company. Sib baik tak handsome sgt if not lagi jealous ha hahahahaha. All the best with PME classes kat Taman Desa. I heard you will be stationed there. Hope to see you around soon.

Madeleine said...

What a fantastic trip! I would love to do a class with Alan Dunn one day.

Farida_Ismail said...

Hey Madeiline,

You really really should! He's a fantastic teacher and the flowers...gorgeous! The knowledge - priceless!