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Saturday, May 22, 2010

PME International Teacher's Training Seminar -2

PME Seminar

One of the stations before Brimsdown. Looked like the KTMB one in Labu.

A view from the train.
Tony Warren at work, with Lisa Slatter. They took turns doing the demo before we had to go and do it ourselves.

Chineze, posing for the camera, while Jens looked on.

Our entrance to the hotel for dinner.
A view from another angle.

The hotel's entrance.

2 members of the Irish team.

We were all smiles and laughs that night.

I was sitting at the table with the Irish team and Lisa when I started taking pictures of everyone at our table, soon everyone at the bar and sofas joined us with their cameras and it was quite a long photo shoot after that..hahaha...we really had a good time...laughing all the time. The Irish team, Myra, Theresa, Kathleen, OMG, I cant remember the other 3, were all so funny and were constantly cracking up something wise. I think they were the funniest group at the seminar.

Pat & her team organised a dinner for us at the De Vere Hotel in Herfordshire. I thoroughly enjoyed the night. It gave us a chance to loosen up a bit and get to know more about each other. Jens was telling me about the baking industry in Germany and about the many ICES that he had attended. He's a really dedicated person and he's really neat too. He didn't just clean up his table, but he helped us (voluntarily that is) to clean our messy tables too, especially Efua's. Her's is the messiest. Sorry Efua..hehehe...

Tony Warren at work

We were snaping pix of his flowers and he quipped to Lisa "no ones taking my picture". I heard that and I said let me. So here he was laughing saying, hey I was just kidding...hehehe..I snapped u anyways Tony.

Lisa Slatter Deputy Head of Cake Deco School and very famous Sugarcrafter (you can find her works in the Cakes Magazine and also Wedding Cakes, A Design Source Magazines), Pat Trunkfield (Head of Cake Deco School and one of PME's Director - congratulations Pat), Mr. Salish (I'm so sorry if I get this wrong, please correct me) - MD of PME School of Cake Deco, and Tony Warren - a master in Sugar Craft and Sugar Flower.

Flanked by Tony Warren and and Lisa Slatter during my proud moment. Try beating that!!

Everyone was so proud of their achievements. Congratulations all!!
We are now officially trained by PME. We'll just have to wait for Pat to approve us and make us their Certified PME trainers (but I already knew that I am...) yeayyy!!!

Am not posting what we did in the PME Seminar coz you'll just have to sign up with me to find out!! Check out the Schedules with Sugarflours.

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