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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I didn't want to be lost on Monday for my class so I asked Fauziah to show me how to get to Brimsdown from Paddington Station. After that we went to Oxford Street and Regent Street for some retail theraphy. I find that some of the things are really cheap even if I'd converted them into Ringgit. 6 pairs of men's socks cost only BP2. A boy's World Cup t-shirt is only BP1. No wonder everyone's carrying a Primark's paper bag. BHS's also not bad. I like M&S's pants for ladies and they're really cheap here. No, seriously, a pair of a M&S linen pants for BP9.90, which is just about RM50. (M&S is Mark & Spencer). Would you get this price in M&S KLCC? I don't think so. I'm gonna get some shirts for Hubby from M&S. So worth it!!

It's a bit chilly, so I got myself a jacket for BP24, which I think is a steal. A t-shirt in Munawarah is RM180, now that is ridiculous!!

Anyways, I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Sidah and settled down early for my first day at class 2moro.

This gorgeous flowers lined most of the streets everywhere I go. It's spring and flowers are everywhere. The best thing is that you get to enjoy the sight of them for free. And the colors, oh my, I've never seen so many colors of pansy flowers in my life...they're so bright and vibant and fresh!! The ones here are roses and gerberas and some violets colored flowers.. It's hard to be depressed in spring!!

The road leading to 2 Paddington Stations - 1 serving H&C and Circle Lines, and the other one - Bakerloo line.

Paddington Station - I took my train to Liverpool Street every morning and from there took the East Anglia Express to Brimsdown Station.

My loyal travel companion, the maps of tubes and bus services in and around London. I'm getting quite used to it already by now. The last time I came was with hubby so I never really paid attention to any of the services. Now, I have no choice, otherwise I'd get lost.

The view from my's a busy stretch, Sussex Gardens Road. The road leading to the left goes to Egdware Road and the to the right, I think it's Wembley, Nottinghill and etc..

A new friend I just met while in London. Her mom did what most Msian moms would do whenever they heard someone's going to London, kirim serunding!! (She couriered in from Kelantan, no less) Fauziah Bijaksana (her avatar in FB) was nice enuf to take me around on Sunday. We went and do a bit of shopping at Oxford Road. Earlier in the morning, I made her trace the route to Brimsdown Station, where I was supposed to go on Monday. I didn't want to get lost.

I found this cake shop Caffe Concerto in Regent's Street. Was admiring the beautiful cakes from outside.

This Caffe also serves breakfast and lunch. Not sure about dinner though, but I think they do to, judging from the lines of alcohol bottles in the shop.

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