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Monday, May 10, 2010

Packing the Bags

My version of fake Gucci handbag.

The class acts.

Trying to figure out what goes where and how...

The finished product.

3 more days to go. InsyaAllah by Friday, I'll be in London. Am still here and Shidah, my friend in London is already coaxing me into extending my stay there...and to tell you the truth, I'm tempted. We'll see how it goes, plus need to get permission from Mr. Hubby.

Sitting amidst open suitcases and a pile of clothes, I'm stealing time to post this entry.

Since morning I've been running around doing the necessary things that I should have done from last week. Now all is left for me to do is get the dirty clothes to the laundrette, pack my stuff and pack my two other halves stuff.

Apparently, Mr. Hubby needs to take Friday off, plus weekends to go to his mom's and figure out how to deal with my 3 weeks' absence. I think he'll start missing me on the second day, or perhaps a wee bit earlier, maybe at breakfast the next morning...hahaha... Anyway, dear, you're on your own. I'll put aside weekly clothes sets for you and Zaim, but that's about it.

I'm so looking forward to spend my next 3 weeks there. Away from daily chores and responsibility. Not that I mind those but I think it's nice to reclaim a little bit of your space amidst the chaotic daily routine... I think women, after marriage, seem to lose themselves and their identity to their family. Especially homemakers. They ended up being so and so's mother, or Mrs so and so... and doing this and that.

So, my trip, apart from attending classes, which is excellent, will sort of give me a breathing space I need to do exactly that. Breath.

I need to bury the past. I need to dump all the extra baggage that I have been collecting all my life.

I need fresh ideas for my future. I need to reconnect with myself. I need a new perspective on my life.

When we went for umrah, I prayed hard to Allah, to let the trip to Mecca & Madina be the starting point for the better for everyone involved. And Allah has answered my prayers. All praise be to you dear Allah Al-mighty. And I pray that this short trip will another starting point for a positive outcome for me. Allah has made it possible for me to go on this trip, when earlier it was cancelled and I had very little means myself. Now all is in it's place.

So, in a while, I'll start packing some of the things I need for my trip. It's a short journey, I know, but it's a journey that I pray will help me flourish. I want to return fresh, vibrant, full of energy and have loads of ideas for the future. Who knows?

I hope you like the Gucci Handbag Cake. Thanks to Miss Man Kwan for the class ( though I only did half way with you). Ladies, Chomel of ChomelCupcakes, Liyana of Loveliana, Ms Ila from Perak, and Angeline of Heavenly Cakes, it was a fun Saturday Nite Live session, though I didn't stay till 2 am to finish the cake. I salute you for your dedications. May we meet again sometimes.

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