Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. "Oh you who believe, eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah, if it is indeed He who you worship" (Al-Baqarah : 172)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dirgahayu Tuanku

(Sorry I tried to rotate, but failed..:))
(In front of the Banquet Hall building)

Salam and hi all,

This was my latest project. It was a collaboration between Pn Anizah of Scrumptuous Cakes and myself . The 9-tier cake was ordered for the 62nd birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan, Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir , on the 14th January 2010, a day ahead of my birthday. The cake cutting ceremony was featured in the local newspaper but I can't seem to upload it at the moment. I'll try to get the picture later and upload it.

It was an honor for me to have been invited by Pn Anizah to co-decorate the cake and making it together with her and her team was really joyous. To have seen it in the newspaper the next day was indeed the best birthday present for me.

Thousand apologies for the long silence. Transition to new place and neighborhood had not been easy. For me to start anew was very hard. I'm still adjusting and re-arranging my life around new schedule and routines, and still looking for new friends to hang out with...
In the midst of the chaos, we had the chance to fly down to Gold Coast for a week of holiday, to wind down. I've plenty of pictures but unfortunately my computer was infected by virus and had to re-format the whole thing. I couldnt find any of those pix...sheesshhh... anyways, i shall try to upload what little i have later...
Insyaallah i'll be going for umrah from 1-14th Feb, and am hoping for your prayers for the journey and ibadah to be accepted by Allah SWT.
I'll be back after that and looking forward to start something new at a dear friend's place...will keep you posted on the news. And oh, btw, my beloved Chef Fatima will be here in Feb and am looking forward to meet up with her...lots to ask and tell...
Take care for now. Love,
Farida Ismail


OO said...


Selamat mengerjakan ibadah umrah..doakan kami pula yang menyusul ya???

wiz said...

Woweee, cake for Royalty, yellow lagi. So proud of you! Are all those cakes, every single tier? Can feed the whole istana with that. How's the tag like?

YOu are a jet setter now Pridah, tak lekat rumah. nanti gi Umrah, kirim salam kat Rasulullah (saw) k. And doakan I dan keluarga panjang umur murah rezeki.My son is still in the hospital. Esok my turn tunggu dia plak. He was crying tadi but I had to go back sebab ada cake kena buat, kesian nak kena cancel last minute.

I and the rest of the gang tgh tunggu you buat house warming ni. So jgn lupa ajak kita orang he he he.

All the best in your journey. Bestnyer. Update me on your shop k. If you are ever here call me la then we can have tea or something.

Farida_Ismail said...

Heheheh..tak sangka kan Wiz?? Thanks! Only the bottom part consist of real cakes. The rest r all dummies. Pn Anizah's team made another 21 fondant covered carrot cakes to serve about 1000 guest. Imagine the size of all those cakes. We only used 2 cars to dispatch the cakes to Istana.

InsyaAllah I will pray for all my friends, to be blessed with all the good things, in life and hereafter. Sian anak u, hope he's feeling better. Found out what's wrong with him already?

Housewarming kena tunggu. nak renovate kasi cantik sikit. Kedai? Tak mampu lagi kot!! U sponsor sikitla..boleh kita bukak cawangan Sflour lagi..hehehe (SF take note!!)

Thanks Wizz...will definitely call u when in neighborhood. Wati sekali..

Farida_Ismail said...

thanks OO..insyaallah akan doakan semua...:)