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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brush Embroidery Cake

Salam & Hi,

Last order for the week from Pn Salwa for her dear brother who's getting engaged today..Congrats!

She wanted a stencilled designed cake and I did exactly that, using stencils borrowed from Lyza. But it turned out disastrous! I was horrified!! Not only was the stencil 'leceh' to use coz you have to stick it on the cake and then rub some icing and then take it off after it's dried and then wash the stencil, wipe it dry and redo all the above again, but it looked horrible because of the uneven thickness of icing due to double rubbing coz you just cant control much where the icing starts and ends..anyways! long story short, I recover the cake next morning and did this awesome looking Brush Embroidery instead! Free hand in just under 3 hours! Phewww! Just 1/2 hour before scheduled pick up. I was happy and most importantly Salwa & her twin sister was excited too! 

Brush Embroidery Cake
A single pink rose to add some more sweetness to the cake

What a week! But I loved it, totally awesome to be doing all those cakes. Next week we're having A Peony class and Cake Design Class for Beginners : Shabby Chic Cake. If you haven't already registered with us, please do now. Call me at 013-3554399 anytime from 9 am to 6 pm.

Enjoy your weekend!

Farida Ismail

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