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Friday, January 6, 2012


Salam &Hi,

We have lined up pretty exciting classes&  workshops for Jan & Feb 2012 at THE DESSERT TABLE. If you are interested in any of the classes please do not hesitate to call/sms me at 013-355 4399 or email me at for more details.


Date : 11th February 2012
Time : 9am - 4pm
Fees : RM380 (lunch not provided)
Requirements : Please bring your own laptop with broadbands in order to build the blogs on-site, guided by our instructor.

Details : Our Instructor will guide the participants through building their own blogs using the Wordpress engine. You'll learn the basics of blogging, graphical designs and a lot of other necessary skills for you to  have in order to optimize the usage and traffic into your blogs. More traffic means more business for you. So, why wait? REGISTER TODAY. We need a RM100 deposit to book your place. Only 10 participants for this workshop. Hurry!! 


Table setting for the food photography

First batch of our Food Styling & Food Photography
Workshop with PAk Uda Ali

Our first workshop was a huge success. Now, due to popular demand, we are bringing this fantastic Workshop to you again. Make sure this time you register early...

Date : 4th Feb 2012
Time : 10am - 2pm
Fees : RM260 (lunch not provided)
Requirement : Please bring your own DSLR so you can manually set your camera setting to get the best shot for your photos.

Details : You'll be walked through the basics of food styling and its composition. Also the kind of props necessary for the shot to look professional. You'll also be taught on how to use your DSLRs especially to beginners who never use anything other than P or Auto. After this class, no more Auto mode okay...


Personal/ private class
We have on-going Dessert Series Classes but if you would like to have a personal one-on-one or two to one with a friend, you are much welcome to enquire. Our Personal Class fee is RM180 per dessert with a minimum of 3 desserts perclass.

Group Classes
For a group of 3-5 pax, our Dessert Series Class will be RM150 per dessert with a minimum of 2 desserts per class.

We'll be so happy if you would bring 4 of your friends with you to have classes with us that we are going to give you a DISCOUNT of 40% OFF your class fee! How about that? So apalagi, gather your friends and enjoy huge discounts off your class fees. But of course, this only applies to the ones who introduces okay...

Menus from our Dessert Class
* Pavlovas
* Red Velvet Cakes
* Carrot Cakes
* Fudgy Brownies
* Marbled Cheese & Chocolate Brownie
* Cakey Brownie with Marshmallow fluff toppings
* Hazelnut chocolate cake with Salted Caramel Cream top
* Blackforest Cakes
* Strawberry Cream Cake
* Moist Chocolate Cake
* Vanila Butter Cake with Italian Meringue Icing
* Chocolate Butter Cake with Chocolate toppings
More items will be added soon!

You can also order Desserts from the above menu. Call us for pricing!

We will also be adding Savoury Items like Chicken pies and whatnots to our class & order  menu soon!

Enjoy your weekend! Take care,

Farida Ismail

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