Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. "Oh you who believe, eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah, if it is indeed He who you worship" (Al-Baqarah : 172)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a Big HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to you!!!

My oh my, how the days past us by. And it's already a brand new year today. 2011 had been good, very sweet for us and we're hoping and praying that 2012 has even more goodies in store for us.

How about you? I hope everything went well in 2011. Even if it didn't look too good, like I always tell my friends, someday, sometime from now, you'll be in a better place where you'll be saying the same thing I'm saying today - If the worst didn't happen, I won't be here, enjoying today. So I've learnt that nothing is bad or good, it's how you see it and go through it. So alhamdulillah for Allah's guidance.

Having said that, we've been busy closing the Year 2011 on a sweet note.

An Engagement cake for Hj Harun & Hjh Zah's daughter.

Engagement Cake
We also had our Dessert Class yesterday with Kella Zakaria. Hope you'll be making lots of these, Kella, and who knows where these sweet things might take you... We'll see you next month with other sweet things ok. For those who want to learn all these Dessert Cakes or Pastries, call 013-3554399 for inquiries or booking.
Our favorite Fudgy Brownie
Blueberry Pavlova

The Sexy Velvet
We told you something was going to happen on Wednesday yeah..

Well, we had Karangkraf shooting our pastries for their RASA Magazine ;)). They wanted 15 types of pastries themed Herbs & Spices to be featured for their March 2012 issue. So here are some them  photo that I manage to snap before the food vanished into thin air, ahaksss! We made, among others,  Rustic Chicken Pie, Rustic Apple Pie, Vegetarian Bruschetta, Sausage Rolls, Onion Buns, Ginger Cake, Prune Cake with Caramel Sauce and lots more. If you want the recipes for our pastries, wait for RASA March 2012. You can try them and enjoy them with your families.

To my dear friends and family who dropped by to show us your support, love you all!!

Karangkraf photographer, taking photos of our pastries for RASA issue March 2012. 
Our Rustic Chicken Pie, a delicious hit!

Styling the quiche with props for the magazine shoot.

Lemon & Blackpepper Macs by Yani
Mocha Macs with Cinnamon filling by our fav mac vendor - Yani of Kitchen Guardian

Beef Pie
Black pepper Cheese Sticks

Our rustic Apple Pie
Onion & Cheese Quiche
Sausage Rolls via Instagram
I have loads to do rolling into 2012. Do drop by THE DESSERT TABLE. We are opened everyday except Sundays and Public Holidays.

Here's what's in store for Jan/Feb 2012 :

* Basic class: Cupcake - Bake and Decorate your very own cuppies!
* Basic Class : How to make Sponge & Genoise cakes from scratch. It's so easy!
*Basic Class : Delicious butter cakes. every baker worth their salt should have good butter cakes recipes up their sleeves.
* Fondant 101 : Learn how to cover your cake with fondant and then style them pretty!

 - Hot Desserts Workshop - learn how to make 4 types of hot pastries and style them on plates like the professionals do.
- Cold Dessert Workshop - learn how to make cold desserts and how to serve them on individual platings.

* Food Styling & Food Photography Workshop - our 1st workshop with Pak Uda Ali was a hit! So we will be having another one for those who had missed our 1st workshop. Make sure you don't miss it this time yeah  :)

* Food Blogging for Beginners - you'll learn to set up you own blog using Wordpress platform. Our guest Instructor will help you design your own pretty blogs and how to generate traffic into your blogs. Bakers, beginners or not, you need this tool for marketing your lovely home bakes.

Watch out for the dates of classes and workshops next week!



Farida Ismail

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