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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Food Styling & Photography with En. Ali Mohamad Nor @ The Dessert Table

Single serving Blackforest Cake, in the background I made strawberry trifle, also single serving.
I made 4 of these babies especially for our Food Styling & Food Photography Workshop today.

Sweet sweet Macs :) I love passionfruit macs.

Aloy busy tinkering with his DSLR. On  his left is the table set up for styling and photography.
Pak Uda Ali explaining about 45 degree angle shot  using the tripod

Trying to make it look sweet :)

Another angle to add interest.
A shot I took at the workshop today. 

Food Styling & Photography Workshop with Pak Uda Ali @ The Dessert Table 17/12/2011
Thank you all for coming!

Salam and hi,
MasyaAllah, what a great day we had! The workshop was fun and very-very informative and so good!! Just look at my photos today and the ones on the side of this wall..what big difference!!

Now I know more about lighting and how to adjust the camera manual, with actual know-how instead of just guessing :) The hands-on session was really good as everyone get to try taking shots of the desserts from different angles and view. was fun when now and then you hear remarks like 'ooohhh.. that's what viewfinder is' or 'oohhhh...i never knew we could do that....' and many more...lovely..just lovely!!

I hope everyone went back a button wiser than before..LOL!!

Thanks to Pak Uda & his crew, Zalina from Seremban, Azmi from Singapore, Fuziah from Melaka, Linda from Ipoh, Cik Mas, Renu, Sapiyyah, Marlina, Enn, Roza, anak kak Nurul and Rozita (sorry didnt get their names), Aloy, and Hellen from Bali.

For those who had registered and some paid, we will be repeating this Basic Workshop, insyaAllah early next year. We hope to see you @ The Dessert Table, armed with your DSLR, ready to shoot on target LOL!!

Credit where they're due:
Props were prepared and set up by Pak Uda Ali and his crew
Those yummilicious macs were by Yani
The chocolates by Renu
Chocolate Tart by Mastura
& lastly those cute little Blackforest cakes and Strawberry Trifle in those long sexy stem glasses - those I made this morning.

Take care & have a great weekend!

Farida Ismail

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