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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sugar Flower with Alan Dunn

I have a collection of Alan Dunn's books. I've often flipped thru the pages, dreaming that one day I'll be able to attempt some of the flowers in there. I've even dared myself to dream, that one day, I'll meet him. Maybe just sit down in a corner somewhere, looking at him demonstrating his skills at sugar flowers.

Never did I dare to dream, that I'll be in a class with him, learning from the master himself,sharing jokes, let alone, share a train ride back to London (twice). Oh my God!!!

Imagine, we race up the stairs, huffing and puffing, for fear of missing the train. We chatted till he got off at Croydon. Bliss!! That's all I can say...I can't stop smiling. I just can't...If I could, I would be jumping up and down, doing the dance. But I don't want to be thrown off the train, for London is still far away, and I wouldn't know which bus to catch. So, I just sat quietly, smiling and grinning at the same time, non-stop.

Before he got off, I dared myself to ask him, the same question that I asked Tony Warren. Alan, do you do one-on-one class? Yes, he said. Do you think that you'll be able to take me in for a class this week? Ermmmmm.... Tony didn't have errmmm. But Alan said errmmm. I'm hoping it's a good ermmm. Tony just said sorry. I'm booked till next year.

It was a short errmmm. And I'm positive. I think it shouldn't be a problem, Alan said. I'm quite free next week.

I almost dropped off my cushy chair. It's a good thing the train's chair was a 3 seater cushion. Oh my God!!! He's free and able to teach me. Oh my God!!! We''ll talk about it tomorrow he said and got off at his station.

Are you able to imagine, how I was at that point in time? (Well only if you are familiar with who Alan Dunn is. I'm star strucked).

By the time I finished dinner at Bonda and ready to settle down and while I turned on my computer, I casually flipped thru the new Wedding cake magazine that I just bought at Squires Kitchen. I didn't have time to check it out when I took it from the counter.

After a a few pages from the back, a picture caught my eyes. Oh my God!!!

It's my dummy cake! From the Squires Kitchen Wedding Cake Course with Rosalind, last year. It even got my name underneath it. Can someone please pinch me!!!!

It's a big picture. Huge. I was so happy!! I can't describe how happy I was. It's truly a happy moment. And I'm alone.

I quickly went online to find my good friends there. I wanted to share the news. Shahieda was the first to respond. Thank you for being there darling!! We need our
riends, thru good and bad times.....

I tried to call hubby but there were no answer. He must be sleeping. It's dawn over in Malaysia....Oh man. It's too much. I kept repeating "Alhamdulillah" so many times...over and over...

The next day, we continued discussing the private class, and it's gonna happen. InsyaAllah this Friday and Saturday. Don't ask me how much it cost..coz it's not the money that important. It's Alan's willingness to accommodate me at such a short notice, and all the knowledge that he'll pass on to me...priceless...

To Alan Dunn, thank you. I'm truly honoured.

This is Alan's.

again I look pretty big because of the camera trick. Isshhh..I should change my camera...

Alan, at work.

This is Alan's.
This mine.
My cake picture. In the magazine. Thank you Rosalind for sending our pix to SK. Not everyone's pix was chosen though. I'm glad they chose mine.
The magazine no 35.

All the troubles with the trains this morning seems so small. Though the night ended with a huge migraine, I didn't mind.

It was so worth it!!!

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